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My Letter to Marc Emery

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Durchii, May 2, 2006.

  1. FOR THE RECORD: I do believe this post belongs in 'Seasoned Tokers' because we are the ones who are truly fighting to prevent Marc Emery's extradition. To all Grasscity tokers, help support Marc and his family. Make donations and buy t-shirts at CC.:)
    Hi Marc!

    I know you're going through some hardhsips at the moment, and I am appalled at what my government is trying to do to you and anyone close to you. The only thought I could possibly have is that the DEA realises that if you remain under Canadian law, you will not face the harsh and life threatening penalty the US could and would deal upon you.

    Your distribution of seeds to around the world has helped spread cannabis worldwide when we most desperately needed it.. Hell, I know your seeds helped me and ones close to me.

    Your dedication to our culture has helped cannabis users around the world, and people who are sick and in need of medicinal marijuana.. We all feel the same way and we all wish the best of luck. You have more friends in the US than you may think. We are silently protesting, but our voices will grow loud should we need to use them.

    Keep thinking up, we're all with you!

    Colorado Springs, CO
  2. That's a good letter, short but sweet. You're in Colorado Springs though? I'm up here in Fort Collins.
  3. Yeah man. Colorado Springs. Fort Collins and Denver are the places to be though. Weed is cracked down harsh down here because of all the military bases.
  4. Yeah... I figure that. I dig the FoCo... Denver's too much of a big city. Boulder's kind of chill... but everyone there's too stuck-up. FoCo is the place to be.
  5. Lol, I also sent a letter to Marc, but I don't have it on hand at the moment . . . and he never responded, meh.

    I generally believe Marc is a bit gaudy sometimes because he plays up his role in the fight against cannabis prohibition as if he's the leading person, but he still provides an important role and should be respected as such, despite his political leanings towards libertarian extremeties (which I personally disagree with, but it's not a huge deal).

    Personally I think that Robert Kampia of the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) is taking a more legitimate route towards ending Cannabis Prohibition in the United States, but Emery's extremist advocacy is just what Canada needs to stave off outright criminalization.
  6. Keep tehm coming Marc and we'll keep growing :)
  7. On NORML they have all these tips to help marc emery so i have been calling cannada's justice minister who is largely responisble for whether he gets extradited and i have writted letters to the cannanadian press. Every thing you can do helps and i am trying to do every thing i can do to help.
  8. Nothing against anyone from the US as I have many friends there, but your government fucked him over. The US government is probably the most hated government in the world and the amount of people they fuck over for shits and giggles is appaling. The United States is a great country full of great people, too bad its run by fucking morons
  9. hell, I'm a US citizen and I agree with you. There's a lot of potential in America I believe, but currently the system is fucked up. I'm sad to say that I didn't do my part to try and stop it.
  10. ill smoke to that.

  11. I agree 100%. I believe more Americans than youd expect would agree also.
  12. I dont wanna sound like a noob cus ive been smoking for 5 years and have been a member of this site for a year i just didnt know how to post cus i was high so i became a member again but I have no idea wat u guys are talking about. Is there a site where i can read up on this cus im very interested.


    He got busted selling seeds from Canada to America
  14. It still doesn't give the DEA the right to extredite him. Its a canadian issue and the canadian government will punish him as they see fit, in a much more reduced sentence than the DEA sees fit. The canadian government will most likelyfine him and MAYBE imprison him for a year or two. The US government wants to push for the death penalty and they know if Emery remains in Cnada they will not get to kill him or imprison him. He explains that marijuana is keeping his close friend from being in terrible agony and if they extredite him not to extredite her or his other friend. If she goes to prison without marijuana she will die a very painful death. (Could this be a hint of marijuana keeping someone alive? I think so)

    *sigh* its not looking great for him. This country is so fucked up... I'll be in Canada soon.
  15. Thanx greenlantern. I think that the US should stay out of other countries buisness for once. I cant drive for 10 minutes without seeing a homeless person and im almost sure they arent like that from marijuana. Maybe they should do aomething about that instead of killing ppl that stand for what they believe. To me (which is only my opinion) it seems he does more for marijuana users then bush does for this country
  16. Personally, I'm a libertarian, but I'm registered as a republican. Liberals make me sick, but my government embarasses me. It's odd that the republican party always espouses smaller, less intrusive government, but then they pull this shit. SAD!

    Just proof that money runs everything. Between the textile industries, and pharmaceuticals lobbying and throwing hundreds of millions at congress, weeds won't be legal for a long time.
  17. No shit! ALong the lines of homelessness, let's stop interfering with shit in other countries and worry about the problems in this one. ONce we have that solved, then we can go around with our gigantic egos and massive balls and tell other countries what's wrong with their system. Until then, how about we just shut the fuck up?

    Honestly, until every last rapist, gang-banger, murderer, child molester, and crooked politician is locked up, I could not care less if someone wants to smoke pot or if a basball player uses steroids to hit more home runs. Give me a goddamned break!
  18. The whole "war on drugs" is a easy way to demonize those who think differently.

    Legal drugs and US policy cause infinitaly more harm than even heroin or meth.
  19. Dunno how true the first part is (since I live in the US... hard to tell what outsiders think), but that second part is dead-on.

    But I guess if you think about it, what kind of people become politicians? The best and the brightest? I doubt it. Unfortunate as it is, something about politics attracts the "used car salesmen" of the world: the kind of people whos morals can be bought and sold.

    I don't know what I'm trying to get at, but I guess I'm saying that the kind of people you WANT to run the government are not the kind of people who would take a job in politics (or Law, as many of their backgrounds are in). I mean do you trust lawyers? That's what most politicians started as.

    Just food for thought.

    // edit

    up4anything: Why not be a registered Libertarian? The Republican party has been COMPLETELY hi-jacked by neo-cons. What used to be "small govmint', get off-a my porch" type of political philosophy has turned a 180 into "I know what's best for everyone, just leave it to your Big Brother, now let me go off and spend shit loads of taxpayer money and pretend to blame the Dems for the financial bloat." I mean the neo-cons have taken the Rep party and changed it to almost exactly the opposite if what it used to and "should" be, into a big-spending individual-controlling corporate-interest puppet. It's nuts. I'd almost be a Republican if it wasn't for their radical social viewpoints and complete hypocracy of "smaller government" while they spending billions on War and "Homeland Security".

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