My Letter to frank in response to the new UK cannabis advert.

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  1. Hey all, it's my first post here, i think im in the right section, been reading this forum for month's and think it's great.

    First i would like to give a link to the new flash website FRANK has installed on their front page so that you can see where im going with this. Conveniently the new UK cannabis or anti - cannabis advert from frank directs all viewers to this website, just click the door and take a look.

    Below is my response to both the UK advertisement and the flash 'game' on the website.


    Hello, i was just curious, i saw an advert on tv today and was intrigued by my disbelief on the perception on cannabis, i then perused coming to the website to be introduced by a kind of 'flash game' on paranoia and panic attacks etc.

    While i agree smoking to much can make you paranoid if you are not comfortable with your friends, i also believe you are given the wrong message. The message i believe is appropriate is to 'not' smoke cannabis with people you are NOT comfortable with i.e. a bunch of dicks, as THIS primarily is the reason for a paranoia and a panic attack, it IS a sociable 'medicine' as long as it is utilized with people you trust, you should also give an option to actually see what the great effects of cannabis are instead of simply leading the viewer back to your paranoia, 'pukey' (if that's even a term(more associated with alcohol)) and panic attack pages, your attempts at scare tactics are quite biased as cannabis can actually be a great 'medicine' to be under the influence of, and far less dangerous than our more sociably accepted counterpart, alcohol.

    I hold no criticism and believe a lot of your adverts on speed, cocaine etc are amazing and by all means you should publish them more so, because they can in fact be dangerous drugs.

    I would also like to see both an advert and a flash page (game) from you 'drug informants' on the poison that is alcohol, (considering it's much more easily accessible by all above the age limit, and thus much more of a threat), below is what i think would be appropriate.

    1. A child being slaughtered at the hands of a drunken driver.

    3. A car crash resulting in an entire family snuffing it at the hands of a drunken driver.

    4. Somebody being stabbed by a drunk person.

    5. Some vandalism by that of a drunk person.

    6. A shopkeeper being threatened or even attacked by a drunk.

    7. The insane amount of money one can spend on alcohol, possibly a comparison with cannabis, alcohol being a much more expensive option ( an 8th usually lasts somebody, i.e. myself, nearly a week.)

    8. The dangerous perception our society has on alcohol, that being it is absolutely fine to drink, thus giving people less of a councious when wanting a drink, thus much more tempting to the inexperienced as Mary Jane.

    9. A drunk clumsily stacking it and smashing his/her head against something, perhaps putting them into a coma.

    10. A child being brutalized by their drunken parents.

    11. An article on permanent liver damage from excessive drinking.

    12. Alcohol poisoning which can KILL a person, (still can't understand the bias upon smoking to much and becoming a little paranoid and someone loosing their entire life, somebody who had a future ahead of them actually snuffing it because they drank to much.)

    13. And finally the REAL gateway drug that is alcohol, let's be honest, anybody that has EVER smoked cannabis has had a drink prior to this point in their life. Theres no denying it, it IS the REAL gateway drug.

    14. When drunk you generally care less about what's going on and are less aware of everything around you, thus more susceptible to taking other drugs such as exstacy while under the influence. ( Let's compare this with weed here and now, hmm, paranoia generally benefits most people here, who in their right mind would want to take a drug that could kill them or REALLY turn them insane 'i.e. speed' when the slightest bit paranoid, you see where im going..)

    Let's compare this with cannabis

    1. Hmm, a completely unprovable and thus a void argument on how cannabis might, maybe, perhaps, could, or NOT lead to schizophrenia.

    2. erm.. some paranoia which last time i checked is part of human emotion and IS harmless, though uncomfortable.

    3. A panic attack which happens rarely in my experience with people smoking cannabis, and when it does isn't intense, and when / if it becomes intense, DOES goes away, and ISNT life threating, AT ALL.

    so, there we go

    I believe to some extent, you SHOULD advertise that smoking cannabis below the age of 15 , specifically 15 will cause you memory problems later in life.

    Generally my perception on cannabis is when i first started smoking it, websites like your own scared the living SHIT out of me as i found i enjoyed smoking cannabis yet was told i would become insane. I could not understand why a musical genius such as Bob Marley could be overshadowed by FRANK. I once had a panic attack while smoking the stuff, it was intense, i didn't like it but i know for a fact the reason i had it is because i started smoking it with the mindset, (publisised by you guys) that i was going to have a panic attack and i was going to insane, literally just thinking about your website while im smoking a joint makes me horribly paranoid, FRANK was the cause for the panic attack.

    So out of pure scare tactics coming from FRANK, other health institutions etc i did start wondering on a day to day basis, NOT because i was high all the time ( i wasn't ) but because of the mere fact that i smoked the stuff, i started considering the fact that i could be going insane, i thought about it all the time, because it was in my face all the time. Now i ignore, because i know for a fact it is a LIE, all scare tactics publisised by people such as yourselves and get together on forums and with other people that smoke cannabis, ile smoke a joint and listen to great music, im NEVER paranoid, i ALWAYS have a great time, and generally i think cannabis is great, it's easy for everyone that smoked cannabis to feel like this, you just ignore the lies, while high your naturally paranoid, so yes reading or watching something published by subcategories of our own government, (while uninformed) will naturally lead to panic attacks and being paranoid all the time, but it's your fault, not the cannabis.

    Thank you for your time

    Hope to hear from you, No hard feelings <3

    Tony x


  2. The problem is, no one who works there cares about what the commercial is saying, they are just fulfilling the orders that come from the big wigs up top who are corrupt govt officials and pharmaceutical companies
  3. Might not want to use words such as "dick" hehe
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    aye, true buddy, i just thought id waste somebodys time, they deserve it.

    'Suckers of satans cock, every last one of them' - Bill hicks

    - Maybe your right calp ^^, im sure they are mature enough to deal with swearing. After all, it wasn't aimed at them.
  5. Ya, I just didn't want you to waste your time doing this if they stopped reading it at the word "DicK"
  6. I hope you corrected all the spelling mistakes before you sent it :confused:

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