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  1. Mr. President, as you know a majority of Americans today are strongly in favor of the legalization of cannabis and hemp. These plants are proven to be safe both medically and recreationally. Throughout history there have been NO deaths caused by cannabis. None what so ever. How can a plant that has cause no death or serious illness be called dangerous and be made illegal? We allow tobacco companies to exist which cause 100 of thousands of deaths a year. We allow this killer to be legal yet cannabis, a plant that was created by God himself, put here on Earth by God for the benefit of mankind. This plant has all of your needs. 1 acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 4 acres of trees. Hemp can grow from seed to maturity in a little under 4 months. It can be grown almost anywhere in the US including parts of Alaska. Not only can it produce paper but it's oil can be used to fuel cars! The first diesel engine was built to run on hemp oil. You want to get off of foreign oil right? This is your way! The plant can be used for food, clothes, oils, medicine, and even BIO-DEGRADABLE plastic! You want to Go Green and be more environmentally friendly, well this plant has all those answers. How can a plant that has SOOO many uses be so dangerous and deserves to be illegal? It has been 70 years since Anslinger started his negative, racial crusade to stigmatize this wonderful plant. This plant stood to lose him MILLIONS of dollars. He used racial stereotypes and fear mongering to lead the blind masses into believing cannabis and hemp were dangerous. You sir are a proud black man, how can you support such absurd racial bigotry?

    Mr. President, our founding fathers were advocates of hemp and cannabis and they all wrote and spoke highly of it. How can the very people who founded this nation, be proponents of such a DEVIL plant. The policies of the past need to be changed, that is why I voted for you and why millions of Americans voted for you. We voted for a young, and open minded individual who would strive to help the nation, not hinder the nation. I understand that actions speak louder than words, and you have stopped DEA raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. This is a great thing, and I thank you for it. You are the commander and chief, if you could just look at cannabis sativa and hemp. Look at it with an open mind, see how many lives it has saved and ignore what the corrupt politicians in Congress say about it. They are just trying to protect their lobbyist pharmaceutical companies who donated to them millions of dollars. They don't want Americans to be able to express their true liberties, the ones our fore fathers fought and died for. Read up on cannabis and see how it can change the world we live in, for the better.

    If we begin to legalize cannabis and hemp then we can dampen the drug trade and violence spilling over from Mexico. This festering wound will be able to heal because law abiding citizens will be able to get reasonably priced product, that is regulated and taxed appropriately, while not having to promote underground illegal trades. Our children and minors will have a harder time getting their hands on the product because in a regulated environment they will be carded and sent out the door if they are under age. Illegal drug dealers do not card or ask for ID and they do not care. All they care about is the dollars that fall into their hands. Our prisons are over crowding with petty possession charges, when murderers and rapists are out there on the loose. Mr. President I urge you to take a look at cannabis and end this prohibition of Cannabis. You sir have the authority, charisma, and determination to make real change happen.

    It is a little rough but it was all off the top of my head with no proof reading and no changes! :smoking:
  2. AMAZING. send that shit in right now.
  3. Lol.

    It's got some pretty good points, but plenty of punctuation errors. Like hundreds of thousands, instead of 100 of thousands. Try to stay away from the "SOOO" many uses too. They gotta take you seriously!

    Also this part:
    Mr. President, as you know a majority of Americans today are strongly in favor of the legalization of cannabis and hemp. These plants are proven to be safe both medically and recreationally.

    Isn't true or most people don't believe it to be true.. yet. They are going to read those first 2 sentences and probably throw it out.

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