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  1. Its your body, your house, why isn't it your choice if you wanna smoke. I know theres an amendment in the constitution or bill of rights stating the government CAN'T tell you wat you can grow. How can there be a crime if there's no victim. The only victims are the ones the government caused by illegalization. Mafias and Drug Lords bring it in and use the profit for weapons which are then used to rob innocent people of their vehicles, jewelry, valuables, and even LIVES. Its prohibition all over again except this time the governments to stiff and tight handed to legalize Marijuana without some sort of income coming to them. How are cigarettes and alcohol legal if too much of either one can kill you in less than a year. America is a great country and has been since i moved from mexico but the government really fucks it up. What they should do is import from amsterdam tax it and sell it for half of what you'd pay from a dealer now, Add an age restriction so kids can't ruin it for everyone else, And strict marijuana DUI laws. Start a few marijuana plantations and also export to whoever might be interested in buying.

    Some Pros and Cons to legalization (tell me if you think its worth it)

    - decrease in organized crime related deaths
    - NEW JOBS!!!!
    - Decrease in civil crime
    - Less people in jail for marijuana related crimes (which means less tax money being spent on keepin them there and more to the economy)
    - Talking to your kids about the real drugs gets easier (cuz now you can say "I've never done any of those drugs" and really mean it
    - Less focus on hemp related problems so more time to focus on the ones that matter

    - People will forget spouse's birthdays or other special dates more often
    - More smoke in the atmosphere

    why the fuck isn't this legal? like stem cells
  2. I lol'd
  3. It's easy to turn to the constitution when it comes to marijuana because everything that states that we have a right of some sort, can CONNECT DIRECTLY TO today's marijuana policy, and the governments failure to seek compromise.
  4. and then they wonder why we have anarchists

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