My leaves keep turning yellow!

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    I know it isn't lack of nitrogen because I tried that. I had to cut a bunch leaves off to protect the tops but it's still spreading! Could it be from spraying neem? I only used a little and it was from protecting them from flies.

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  2. Also, this has happened before so it could be something else but what???
  3. cal/mag deficiency? are you using nutes yet?
  4. By nutes do you mean "nutrients?"
  5. Doesn't look that yellow in the photos. I've seen worse, though there is room for improvement.

    What kind of soil are you using? How often are you watering, and with what amount? What nutrients are you using? Have you tested pH?
  6. Plants are stretching a lot...Not getting enough light. They also need to be transplanted and started on veg fertilizer....
  7. Ok... more light. Gonna work on that. Do I add calcium to the soil? The ph is 7.0. I'm using miracle grow moisture control potting mix. I water as soon as it's only a little bit dry. I try to keep the humidity to 65-75% but it's hard because I have to open the room and cool it off because it gets up to 90-108 degrees in there. So the humidity drops to 45% when I air it out... what else can I say. That's all I do... I don't have a ppm meter yet and adding more fertilizer is frowned upon, right? The soil already has it for up to 6 months according to miracle grow. I will take any advice and apply it as necessary. I already realize the lighting can be boosted.
  8. Also, I use the two cups sugar, two cups warm water, two cups cold water, one tablespoon baking soda, one packet yeast all in a soda bottle method for co2 and I think it's working because it's just been a couple of a weeks... they are growing so fast and I don't have much money so I'm scared! I used three bottles... am I forcing them to grow too fast?
  9. I could add some calcium but I think the soil is at alkaline limit for marijuana, right?
  10. Should I spray more neem?
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    MG has time release fert..Not good for MJ and can lead to nute burn due to over fertilizing. Get a soil with canadian peat moss, forest compost and perlite.
    Usually their is not enough perlite in potting soil so, you want to add about 10% more to the potting soil, 30% if has none at all.
    Home Depot has some huge bags of potting soil(white with green lettering)for about 6 bucks.

    Your plants are ready to start feeding....You can get better veg nutes online, but can also use miricle grow fert for veg.
    If you can stand the smell of fish, Alaska Fish Fertilizer is great and both can be purchased at HD. You will probably need to out source a flowering nute when the time comes.

    90-108 is to hot. You might get away with 90 while in veg but, during flowering will not produce a ton of trics. Try to keep at 80* with humidity around 40%.

    You don't really need to add calcium unless your plants are showing signs of cal deficiency.

    You do need to keep the ph 6.5-6.8. Check the runoff and use ph up and down as needed...
  12. Don't worry about the flies....If there fungi gnats that's a different story

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