My leaves are yellowing on my plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by db2414, Apr 3, 2016.

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  2. Could be nutrients burn. What are you feeding them, and how many?
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    Just Organic Soil mixed with Perlite and I use Distilled water.... 5 Plants total... I forgot to mention I use the Bagged CO2
  4. Age of plants? What nutes you giving? Can't see pic you posted. Temp in grow area? Water pH? Yellow leaves which yellow from the outside in is often simple nitrogen deficiency. But that is usually a symptom of a larger issue.

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  5. Plants are at 4 weeks... NO NUTS GIVIN.. using distiled water. Some are starting from the outside a couple started with it in the center of the leave.
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    Grow area is about 65-70 degrees ..Also they are lowryders
  7. Do you let the soil dry up before you water, please?
  8. Yes I let is dry a little
  9. Diagnose Your Sick Marijuana Plants | The Nug

    this has been a good site, i think the pictures and explanations are detailed as far different things that can go wrong. not just deficiencies but toxicities or over watering, light burn....i can take a closer look myself later but i have some work to do if you wanna browse those diagnoses and see if anything matches up
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  10. Did your organic soil cook long enough? Could be too hot

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  11. It was bagged organic potting soil. Not sure about the cooking of it
  12. Bagged store bought soil doesn't need cooked, it just doesn't have enough of what it needs in the soil. She's going to need fed. Co2 supplementation isnt doing much of anything if you're venting your grow. All your doing is exhausting it before the plant can utilize it. Co2 grows need a sealed controlled environment with large enough lights to take advantage of the co2 to be beneficial

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