My Leaf Looks funny

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  1. this is only on one of my 12 plants but none the less id like to find out whats happening and what i can do to prevent this....

  2. i'm pretty sure there's a bunch of flies on it eating it lol
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  5. i guess i should change that.. dont see what the big deal is but whatevere....

    and those arnt flies its dirt i have since cleaned off i put more soil in the pots that day...
  6. i took off the myspace thing but its still on there...
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  9. well to me it looks like something is making a midnight snack of your beauties.
  10. i know for a fact theres no bugs in the box... i even cleaned it out the other day.. and its completely sealed...
  11. Well it could very well be a nute problem, but it's minimal right now. I'd let it go unless it gets worse.

  12. whats a nute??
  13. dudes saying the nutrients maybe low or deficient in some respects you should look into that. from just looking at the pic i can tell ya for just one outta 12 to look like that is normal. they are still in the seedling stage so theres plenty of growth potentail and time, post some more pics and detail some info as to what your using and what type of plants you got. continue watering as normal and that funny looking leaf will die off as normal. then it wont be a funny lookin leaf :smoke:

  14. thanks man
  15. i dont think its a nute problem or insects

    one of my plants also had this on its first single leaves i think its just some natural thing that can occur, nothing serious
  16. That is a calcium/magnesium deficiency.
  17. What type of soil are they in?
    What type of lights?
    How old are they?
    Seed or clones?
    What is the soil pH?
    What hacve you been feeding it how much, N PK etc.
    What is the temp?

  18. im using a regular floresent double light hood, warm light....i wanna try cool floresents but dont know where to get them...

    There 3 weeks old...

    Seeds wish they were clones..

    have no idea what the ph of the soil is.. should i check that..

    9ml to every liter of water of iguana juice grow 3-1-3 they recommend 15ml per quart

    and temperature is another thing i dont know i would have to guess its about 75 degrees in there....
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    if you want to be successful you will definitely need a thermometer. another necessity is a pH meter. if they're not at the proper pH bad things will happen.

    for a good thermometer, try to find one with high/low that will tell the current temperature, and the recent highest and lowest it's been. and invest in a quality pH meter. if you cheap out, it's just gonna break and you'll be buying another one. in the meantime, you can try litmus paper, but that only gives you a rough estimate at best.
  20. Well I used Iguana juice last time and this current go around and you may be using to much. The bottle I got had a small sticker glued over the amount to use part of the bottle. The bottle originally said 15ml per liter of water and the sticker over it said 3.5ml per liter of water. Advanced Nutrients changed the guidelines based on experience. I just double checked their website and it also says 3.5 ml per liter. Not sure but this could be part of problem. I used mine at the recommended 3.5ml per liter and it turned out great, the people at AN know wtf they're doing obviously.

    And as far as temp they look ok, but yes you can get a good digital thermometer cheap. Ideal temps I believe are mid 70's to mid 80's which is what I usually ran at. If your using co2 you can run higher temps.

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