my latest piece of artwork.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Digit, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. exclusive first preview here at Grasscity. :D

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  2. i like that you in the pic??.........looks likr you.................Peace out............Sid

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  3. it looks like the earth in a downward spiral

    a very cool pic digit
  4. I still don't see it...but that could be because my video card sucks :p
  5. It feels like looking at clouds: you can see whatever you wanna see... except in color !
  6. i've highlighted the pic.......least i think it your head approx 45 degrees to the left.........Peace out.......Sid

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  7. i did it for the hempress as she couldn't see what everyone else is to be appreciated by all, not only by those that can see, but by others that can't.............take for example those weird psycadelic 3-d pics you get.......i can't see any 3-d pics on them at all, but if someone could show me (even though they can't) i'd be happy!...........Peace out.......Sid

  8. yeah.

    gri7 gets the point.

    sid... you get the point too... but your spoiling it for other people. ;p let 'em see what they see. ... not what you see. ;p
  9. Digit, I love your artwork!!(I accually just set that as my desktop, hehe!..) what is the name of your website, and what do you call this peice of work? I know I have seen it before, but I am very forgetful,hehe...
  10. to cool I love your picture
  11. that's really cool, it reminds me of the stuff I used to make with gimp, but yours is better

    probably because it wasn't the result of boredom and drunkedness like mine

  12. oh contraire
  13. well, i lost my other thread that had loadsa my artwork in it... so i suppose i'll just stick to this one now...

    i'm actually selling some of my artwork!!! ieeeee!

    i've known i gotta make a living for a long time, and i never really wanted to dirty my artwork with money.. but living in capitalist society kinda demands it. ... just for those of you who have shown an expressed interest in the past... here is where it beggins.
  14. That is amazing! Your an amazing artist digit!
  15. I can see tons of stuff, but the image as a whole looks almost like someone "candling" a womb.
  16. very nice and trippy :smoke:
  17. Yo thats some artistic shit man, very trippy. I like man keep up the good work homie!

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