My latest little harvest ;)

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  1. This is my third plant. Still learning a lot but I think I'm getting the hang of it. This was just a test for my soil mix and grew straight from seed under 12/12 250W HPS, because I didn't have my veg chamber set up at that point. I do now though!

    Just some random bagseed.

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  2. looks good

    What was the dry weight?
  3. Thanks mate. Not sure, it's still drying. Not much though. Probably just over an ounce.
  4. eeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    very exciting, my early plant is within a month of harvest
  5. Cool man, good learning experience for sure. You should be pumpin out pounds once you make good use of that new veg room for sure bruh. Nice grow. :smoke:
  6. by guess is you will a quarter- half oz. Bud tends to stink 60+% from being pulled.

    Buds look nice. Flower longer next time :)

    Evil :smoke:
  7. @evil, lol thanks man. Yeah, I'm quickly learning that it's all about patience, isn't it.
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    oh yeah. Thats why i make a calender, so i know when to water with ferts, what week im in, and when to pull.

    Just remember its 60+ days from the first sign of sex, not when you start the 12/12 switch :)

    My grow this run is a 12/12 from seed, and im looking at 3-4 Oz from 4 plants. currently they are around 24" tall. with a 150hps

    So i know you can do better with a 250 ;)


    Evil :smoke:

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