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"My last words are... I'M ON DRUGS!".....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. well... those aren't my last words. it's a quote from that movie Almost Famous... the guy (much like me) is on acid... he's standing on the roof and screams "I'M ON DRUGS" lol... great movie..

    so yeah... i guess the point of this thread is to well... say i too am on drugs, LOL. cottons took 2 hits of acid and they're starting to kick in.

    i'll keep ya updated throughout the night.
  2. sweet sounds like its gonna be a good night for you
  3. hahaha enjoy the trip man :) take care xo~
  4. it's just starting to kick in... right on schedule, lol.

    only bad thing is i have to wake up for work at 7:30... and probably wont beable to fall asleep until about 6... it's all good though.

    ooo... here it comes... bottom of the computer monitor melted off a little bit ago
  5. rock on.. im dexing 750mg tonight with some insanely killer weed.. should be a fun time for both of us :smoking:

    sobriety bites
  6. here come the visuals...

    damn... i'm all kidns of fucked up. everything's all wavy... like a dream sequence on tv or something.

    there's this big ass tripped out poster on my wall... and i can't stop staring at it. it's like i'm in a tye-dyed color... but it's just a poster, lol.

    oh wait... i'm still typing...

    shit, i didn't even notice. lol. the fingers are just doin their onw thing i guess. lol.
  7. lol. sound like you're gonna have a fun night :D

    i'm only in the beginning and i'm already VERY fucked up. the acid came from a concert out in chicago...

    it's weird though 'cause the papers don't have any design on 'em... they're just little paper squares... but the acid is good shit.
  8. i envy both of you guys, i am going to curl up with my ball of resin and puff till its gone. at least it is good resin.
  9. well in this case look at this!!

  10. wow... i stared at that pic for a long time... then i forgot how to type, then i noticed all the little veins in my hands, and then my fingers turned into sticks... wow... that's a lot. lol. and it all took place in like 2 minutes or something.

    i don't even know anymore

    is this even the right thread?

    lol. i had to go check. yeah... it's the right one.

    wow. the little box i was typing in just ran away from me. lol.
  11. lol, noce trippen' i gots more trippy pic if u want em, lol
  12. keep 'em comin :D
  13. taking those little pills out of the baggie..



    ..let the fun begin

  14. ALL THOSE FACES!!!! omg... those are all faces right??? i mean... am i really seeing that or is it just in my head?

  15. i cant follow that lol

  16. mrsmokebigbuds... that looks like something i saw in a shroom trip once...

    i gotta get outta here before i go crazy, lol. i'll be back in like 10-15 minutes or so
  17. ok peace, i lost all my trippy pic any way :(:(, trip the night away
  18. you'll never believe what just happened... i dropped a fuckin thumbtack somewhere in my room... and i have no clue where it is or even in what direction it went. lol. i'm gonna be all worried about that damn thing for the rest of the night, lol.

    ::goes on mission to find the missing tack::
  19. <big>HAAAAA!!!</big>

    i found it!!!! :D

    ok... i'm officially fucked outta my head. lol.
  20. LOL!!!!!!!, ohhhhh man OHHHHH MAN OHHHH MAN if u really really wanna flip out, this is if u have it chug hot coco, and ull go in sane!!, and this gos for anybody that is stoned as well, TRUST ME!!< U MUST TRUST ME

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