My Last Weekend at the City for a Bit

Discussion in 'General' started by Foop, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. College starts back up Monday, which is going to suck since I am still working full time while going to school. I am also moving house come Tuesday so I will be without internet or other fun stuff like that for a bit.

    So today and tomorrow are going to be my last days at the City for a little bit :(

    But once I get nestled in, get my DSL back and if my GPA hasn't plummeted through the floor, then I shall be back in the warm comfort of the City in no time at all!

    I'll be able to check back here maybe once a week or so (whenever I find the time to make it back home and onto this sweet sexy DSL) but I won't be posting, just creepily browsing the Post Your Pic thread with my pants around my ankles.... or something to that affect.

    So I wish my GC Blades a fun rest of the summer (I'm going to assume that most of you are also headed back to College coming up here) and I will try to join back up with you guys as soon as my new place is hardwired up with some DSL.

    See you guys and gals on the flip side and I will be posting like crazy today and tomorrow, but right now I have to go run some errands :wave:
  2. Damn, I'll miss reading your posts. See you back when you got everything in check!
  3. Hahaha!
    Good luck with college though man, I hope to go back to college while working full time next year too.
  4. Hurry back man you will be missed.:wave:
  5. Well get your shit together already and get your interwebs back!! Speaking of school, I have like 4 pages of algebra still to do before monday... I gotta get on that shit!
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    GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE MAN,,,,see u when we can,,,

    ???but why play with your pud to '' the pic. thread''??

    when you have '' the http://Cleavage????

    the cleavage thread,,,?


    that link dont work,,,, i suck at the comp<--------!!!!
  7. Later Foop! See ya when you come back.
  8. Good to see that you've got your priorities in order.

    Work hard, play hard, and you'll be fine.
  9. I'll see you Blades on the flip side.

    Foop out
  10. have fun at school. peace until you come back :wave:
  11. Okay Rocco.

    Have fun... don't party too hard.
  12. you are leaving??? oh hellz...

    well, come back when you can...:wave::wave::smoking:
  13. Damn dude, Get everything started the right way!

    I'm sure you'll come back with a couple interesting stories, Foop. You know I would.

    Anyway, Have fun at school, meet some chill people bro!
  14. Hurry back dude!

    We'll be waiting. The City ain't going nowhere!
  15. see ya around
  16. Guess what? The apartment next to my new sexy headquarters has a wi-fi bubble :)

    So I guess I will be able to post a bit more than once a week!

    Hurray for wifi.
  17. yay i love wifi! hoooooray you can stay !:hello:

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