My Last Resort Came Up Short

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    So I have 3-4 dealers in my area, an 8th goes for 45. My other dealers are out of town so I go for my last resort. Some lame kid that moves ounces at a time. I call em up, long story short the kid short me a whole gram: 2.5/3.5 of some real good dank. I sent him a message letting him know I knew... he didn't reply. So my question is: should I confront him, call him out on fb or something or let it go?
  2. You mean a gram? You said so yourself that he was your "last resort" you should've known better and had him weigh it in front of you or expected him to do something like that..
  3. If he's a punk just call him up for what he shorted you, and thanks him for the rest of your bag and walk away.
    Worked for me
  4. Thanks, I wanted to see what a community thought of this. Most of my friends are just like "kill the bastud!". I'm going to stop buying from em. . . After I get my g ;)
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    Dude relax and at the most, just ask the guy (peacefully) if he knew it was 2.5g.  This is NOT a reason to go beat his ass lol.  

    I don't know him or the situation but you might be overreacting to ASSUME that he shorted u on purpose.  What if he just eyeballed the bag and shorted u by mistake?  Or what if the weed is just more expensive so he's selling smaller amounts, for the $ u were spending? 
    If u assume all the worst, the guy still only beat u for what, about $10?  lol  Definitely not worth fighting over lol.  Just ask him if it was on purpose or not...  If it seems he really did beat u for a g. on purpose, then just forget about him...
  6. *update* Worked out better than I expected. I confronted him in a "professional manner", Now my last resort sales me reduced priced weed (5 dollar less)! win.
  7. Nice to hear.  Now I'm all curious what he said the reason was that he shorted u lol.  He eyeballed it?  
  8. He said "that's all that I had left." lol
    he either weighed it with the bag, or just eyeballed it (with the bag it weighed 3.5) . . .who knows.
    but when I did confront him he was clueless to the fact that he shortened me because he says he didn't get my message.
    oh well, cool guy in my book. Cheap dank FTW  :yay: 
    p.s. buy a scale, I lost mine but I just got a new one!!

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