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    Is there any way we can get a button in threads/subscriptions that will take you to YOUR last post?

    for can click the title and it goes to the 1st page, you can click the actual page number, or the text "last page", or click the last page icon (the green box with little blue arrow)

    But say i posted on pg3. and the next time i come back to check its on pg7 or something... who would remember? if i just go to last page like usual, don't see my post, go back another page, and so on. But if we could just click a button that takes me to [MY] last post, it would be much more convenient. the button/icon could be right next to the last post icon, maybe have it be the same icon with different colored arrow or something ;) and could also have an icon that shows when browsing the boards, (only on applicable threads) like the subscribed icon.
  2. Have you tried this [​IMG] button right before the thread title? :smoking:

    It won't take you to your last post, but it will take you to the first new post since you last viewed the thread.

    So if page 3 is where you left off and it's 7 pages now, it'll take you to the first new post on page 3. :bongin:
  3. ^^^
    lol.. oh yeah the down arrow. Forgive my stoner moment :smoke:

    not exactly what i'm talking about but will still be more convenient. thanks.

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