My last high.

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    So this past saturday was my last time smoking weed, i want to quit. I went to my friends house, we were gonna smoke and have a bbq.
    So i go over there and we instantly pull out the bong. We sit in his kitchen while he busts up the bud, and packs a bowl. His mom, whom is totally cool with us smoking, is there the whole time, from the time we pulled out the bong, till we were smoking.
    We go outside and start to smoke, his bowl he usually uses had broken so we were forced to use a little 2 hitter bowl. So we smoked 2 bowls and went walking around, i was susprisingly ripped off 2 hits lol, and im an every day smoker. After like half hour i was past my peak, so i asked him if he wanted to smoke more, cause i wanted to get just FUCKED, as it was gonna be my last time smokin.

    So we walk back and grab his bong, and i start to pack a bowl and just as i finish packin it he said he didnt want to smoke more cause he was still ripped. So i said k well im smokin more then cause im burnin out. So i packed the bowl even more. I packed it pretty tight, prob to tight but it works. So my buddy comes back ouside after runni inside, i was just about to light up and he was like k dude hurry up, power smoke i wanna watch a movie. So i said alright, i held the lighter to the bud and took in the entire bowl in about 5 seconds. I pulled stupid hard while he was just looking at me with a 'holy fuck' look on his face. After i take the hit, i exhale and said dude, you said power smoke. That was the biggest hit i had ever done. Like 30 seconds later i fell against the wall of his house and said k dude just a sec, that bowl just hit me..
    So after i get my shit together we walk into his house to get some burgers his mom was makin. We were standing in his kitchen, and i was so ripped all i could do was stand there trying not to laugh. My buddy said something, and i didnt know what the fuck he was talking about, so i was like 'What? hahaha" he said it again, and i was like 'what? what are you talking about guy?' i then had to look away so i wouldnt laugh. I looked away for a bit, then looked back, and said what again. He looked at me and said, 'what? what are you talking about?' and i thought to myself, im talkin about what your talkin about, but for some reason i couldnt say that. i just staired at him with a very confused face, then had to look away again.
    We grab a couple burgers and a bag of chips, and go downstairs, i was laughin the whole time. Once we got to the couch, i just kinda fell over onto it and like, inhaled my food. We then turned Hamlet 2 on, and started watching it. Needless to say, it was amazing. If anyone has seen it, you know when the main character is talkin about getting raped in the face? Well after he said that, we both started laughin for half the movie basically. We kept watching, and at one point someone had said something totally retarded, and i laughed my ass off while my friend just sat there. then after i stopped laughin he did a little 'haha' which then made me laugh, which made him laugh. So we finished that movie, and then threw in another, the movie was so dull and boring, but we were baked so it was totally amazing. After the movie was over i had to head home as it was gettin late.

    So i get in my car, and start driving, the next thing i remember, i was turning onto our road. I dont know where the fuck the trip home went. I was so ripped that night... I would say it was a good way to go out.
  2. Damn man, what a day. Sounds like a great way to end the tradition.

    Just curious, why do you want to give up the herb?
  3. Its been fuckin me up lately. I have been getting these numbing feelings in my right side, it kinda feels like getting the chills, but its more of a numb feelin, and i have to hit it to make it go away. And its stopped since i stopped smokin weed. So im quit for a while, not for ever though
  4. Good for you... woah how's Saskatchewan lol im from there.

    Yea why did you quit
  5. sask is alright. Boring as fuck..

    And as stated above, it was fuckin me up..

    But i have been thinkin a lot past couple days, and i dont think im gonna quit, just wont smoke every day. I need the stress relief, and it helps with depression, so i think ill start again, just wont be an every day smoker
  6. man that is an amazing ass high... i love bong rips... they're the bees knees and quite top notch... they can get you fucked up like no ones buisness... good plan not being an everyday smoker... but im not gonna apply this to myself in no way shape or form... but that not being the point, so keep healthy and enjoy the tokes you get on occasion...
  7. Then dont bother to post either.
  8. The point is, I would read your story, if you added a few paragraphs.
  9. i suppose i could do that lol
  10. Damn dude, that sounds like a great sesh, the fact that you guys were laughing at everything, fed, watching a movie and comfortable as fuck gives me some respect for you choosing a great last sesh(even though it won't be). After typing that I bet you thought a lot like "ya, i had a great time, so why the fuck am i quitting again?" lol.
  11. Really?
    As for the topic, that is a crazy story. I'm slowing down my smoking as well and I'm starting to enjoy it more again.
  12. Shhhh... That exactly what i though. Haha, thats got a big part in why i dont wanna quit. But i need to atleast take a break for a while. But it prob wont last cause weed just makes everything better, and helps emotionally. haha But hey, thats alright.
  13. Really. Formatting is everything. I see that the OP did edit a little bit, but to me, it's only marginally readable. If you want people to read your shit, make it easy for them and presentable. Pretty basic stuff in my world.

    Anyway, sounds like you went out with a bang, so good for you. A few years ago, I was an every day smoker and felt like I needed to dial it back. Quit for a really long time. Now I'll only smoke on the weekends,
  14. Good way to end it man My last smoke was legit too and like you im probly not gonna quit for good just for awhile.
  15. well so much for quitting. picked up some shit. called Crazy juicy fruit, shit is so cash. Ill take pictures later. im not going to quit im just going to smoke less.
  16. I usually smoked for like 3ish days in a row, don't smoke for a couple and then do it again. It helps keep my tolerance low, I barely smoke anything to get ripped. Cool story too, you sounded pretty baked.:)

  17. why are you attacking peoples posts? this isnt a forum for grammar and computer etiquette. we usually talk about weed in a weed forum, pretty basic stuff in OUR world.
  18. Cool story. I think if you slowed down a little bit smoking wouldn't effect you as much and you'd enjoy it more. I was an everyday smoker and recently cut myself down to 2 or 3 times a week and enjoy getting stoned much more than I did when I did it everyday. It loses its novelty after a while.
  19. lmao @ grammar ppl in here..

    i dont read stories without any line breaks or paragraphs but what is done here sure looks sufficient to me. I love the numbness I get when I smoke... But yeah I used to smoke constantly every day and that made me kind of a waste product.. now i just smoke a bowl or two every day as a reward and now I'm a pretty productive person.

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