my last grow. most unsuccesful ever.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Digit, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. i know this is old news.
    just stumbled into this file on my puter and thought i'd share just to give you all a laff.


    Day One:
    1st September 2002.
    5 large bagseeds from same batch of quality grass and 3 smaller bagseeds from unknown batches started in the germination process. total 8 seeds.

    Day Two:
    2nd September 2002.
    As expected... nothing happening.

    Day Three:
    3rd September 2002.
    Still nothing. Moisture levels have been maintained.
    Remembering to mark the first to germinate (one they do) as they will probably be males (apparantly).

    Day Five:
    5th September 2002.
    first seed germinating from one of the 5 seeds of known to be quality origin. @ midday "he" is just about ready to plant .. should i want to.
    @ 5pm 3 of those seeds have started to germinate. :D ... nothing happening with the three smaller ones.

    Day Six:
    6th September 2002.
    No more seeds germinated today.
    Planted the third seed to germinate 14:10. and then the second to germinate shortly after.

    Day Nine:
    two seeds planted yesterday. 4 in total now. 1, 2 & 4 have popped their heads up outta the soil. 4 was the first to germinate so when it was planted there was quite a root structure already.

    *** unknown error ***
    *** error reccognised as memory failure ***

    They Dead.
  2. I have been known to try. ;p

    never had any worthwhile lights though, thats really the only thing that ever held me back. I once had a really healthy looking plant in my window once... but mum found it and destroyed it.

    another window grow was when in Dundee, i think i mighta told this story elsewhere.. but its a fucking groovy story so i'll tell it again.

    ... be warned tho, its not going to be a story with a happy ending. I've never had a succesful grow, there's always someone or something that fucks it up. My most successful grow i brought a plant up to be about 1m 20cm (ish) and it was buding!!! .. but it was male! :p

    so.. anyways... on with the story
    (idk if i should be telling you all this since i've given out so much more of my personal info, so this seems quite incriminating. lol. fuckit, they can arrest me if they want, i know i'll put up one fucking good fight in court, and its not as if i have anything growing right now... shit, i aint even got anything to smoke!.)

    I grew 17 plants (i think it started out as more but gave some to friends) in my window whilst staying in student accomodation situated right across from the local police HQ and Courts! it was quite funny looking at it from teh street once they got big. one green window standing out like a sore thumb compaired to all the others that were either dark or white from the curtains. it looked so obvious. they never did anything about it tho. but alas, i had to move and the plants did too... they were handed over to various trustees, and from what i heard, none made it to adulthood. no one cared for them as well as i did.

    (thats the short version of the story, couldnt be assed giving all the details and sub plots)
  3. That sucks. But you should keep trying though. I havn't had a great harvest yet, something always gets in the way. But i keep trying.
  4. the more you fail the more you learn to better yourself (or you'll atleast get lucky one of these ;))
  5. Isnt that the truth, you cannot be as bad as my last 15 grows HAHAH. Like Sidious said its all a learning curve, and hes right I just keep on tryin....

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