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my LAST experience with PCP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. well... i woulda told the story earlier, but i haven't had much time, and i haven't been here much lately... but anywayz... this was my LAST experience with the wacky wet!

    my boy got this batch a couple months ago... $10 jars. at the time it had been a while since i last smoked wet, so i figured i'd give it a shot. me and my friend picked up a vile and twisted up a blunt... no weed, just straight wet. we end up smoking it with 1 other person for a total of 3 people on a $10 wet blunt. now... usually this would be enough to get us all fairly wetted... but this stuff was more than the average wet. several people in the city have died from passing out and drowning in their puke ('cause they're dumb and fall asleep on their backs) from this stuff...

    anywayz... i was more wetted than i had ever been in my entire life. i truely got to see what it was like to be disassociative (what it's like to have multiple personalities). i didn't know who i was, where i was, how i had gotten there, or what i was doing there. couldn't walk without assistance, and it was like looking through someone else's eyes.

    i got a little nauseated... and while we were up at the gas station to pick up a blunt for some chrons, i decided i didn't like feeling sick and made my self throw up. meanwhile there's like 5 carloads of teenagers hooting and hollaring because they all think i'm drunk as a skunk. i wobble back to my friends and we go blaze...

    then later that night we run into another friend of mine who picks up a jar... i hit it a little... but not a lot, because i'm still totally wacked.

    but the next day me and my friend who bought the first jar get 2 more and roll a blunt... we again smoke it with another friend of ours, and the first friend freaks out. he starts pounding on my neighbors back door screaming for him to let him in (lucky for us no one was home). we've got all these people in my house (bunch of friends who also were all wetted up) falling all over the place. the one girl was just all layed out on the floor... half in the bathroom and half in the hallway, and i'm trying to do some laundry (took me 20 minutes to put a shirt and a pair of pants in the dryer)... it was so intense... too intense... i'm pretty sure that it will be my last experience with wet. it was fun before... but those 2 days it got way too intense.
  2. damn.

    i've never smoked wet straight before.

    my boy sells huge amounts of wet, and i have smoked a few blunts with him. not blunts of pure wet, but with wet sprinkled on the weed.

    it can make swag seem like nug. lol.

    if i'm not mistaken, i remember him telling me there was some way that balming (sp?) fluid was involved with wet. is it?

    i forget , though. guess i was too damn stoned.
  3. suppsedly some ppl dip joints in embalming fluid (some call it a sherm stick) ........... but DONT do it. might as well spray that shit with raid or whatever other crazy shit ppl put on they weed. its fuckin toxic as hell and just plain stupid.

    ive also heard that this might just be a misconception... ppl would call lacing their joints with pcp dipping it in embalming fluid or something. and the name just stuck but its not really embalming fluid. duno which one is true or whatever
  4. Most people go on violent rampages from sherms. That is easily the most insane drug you can do. Stay away.
  5. embalming fluid is a slang term for pcp, and it is a common misconception that wet is really embalming fluid...
  6. I was about to say, i hope its not embalming fluid, i remember disecting shit that had that fromeldahide crap all over it in biology. I had trouble smelling it, i couldnt imagine smoking it..

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