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My last bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imadamnlegend, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. I have one more bowl i'm going to blaze before i stop toking until summer :(

    Mary jane i will miss you.

    Time to toke :smoke:
  2. why do you have to stop
  3. I gotta get my shit together, and i'm stopping until my grades are back on track and i feel motivated again. I also have exams in the summer and need to be revising and not being high.
  4. ah i see good for you
  5. that sux bro, there wouldnt be so many probs like this if Mary was legal but oh well. Hope you got some dank shit in that bowl bro:smoke:
  6. Actually these kinda problems would still happen if MJ was legal because his situation has nothing to do with the availability or legality of it. It is entirely his fault because he chose to smoke instead of study.

    OP what about 420?
  7. Im in a kinda similar situation but I need to find a job, been unemployed since xmass and been spending all my money on weed im on day 2 of a tollerance/life reajustment break
  8. Good luck man
  9. 420 will be spent high. No doubt. But from now until then...and from then until summer...

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