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my last blaze for a while what should i do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewportMan, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. so im down to about a gram of some danky dank, gonna be my last blaze for a while, my options are pretty good.

    pull gravs?
    hit the glass bowl?
    hit some bong rips?
    roll a nice lil j?

    also since its gonna be my last blaze should i drink some beers/liq while i smoke?
    since im down to my last bit for a while im smoking by myself btw.

    so how should i enjoy my last blaze?! help me decide gc! haha
  2. i reckon a few j's and a few shots and ya be sorted :p
  3. bong all the way
  4. Do you want to smoke the rest in one session?

  5. yeah most likely, its prolly a little under a g. id say .7 or so. but its dank and i wanna enjoy my last of it lol.

    i was thinkin the bong too. sorry i like to overthink everything haha. =P
  6. :bongin:HIT THE BONG!!!

  7. lol nice so bong it is, :bongin: lol always wanted to try that haha, gonna go blaze pce, thx gc!.
  8. yeah good choice. Deff bong
  9. Bong rips always treat me right, but there's always something nice about a joint.

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