My last attempt.

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  1. I have had some rotton luck with growing due to my ignorance and... well my plain stubbornness.

    My last grown turned out a 12 inch spindle plant that gave me about 3 grams of nothing.

    With what I managed to find on the net, a plant can use the carbon dioxide in a room up pretty quick and when it does it stops growing until it gets replenished. And silly me forgot about an intake fan to my room to replenish said carbon dioxide.

    I now have an intake fan directly from outside with a pair of tights to stop any green fly or major bugs getting in.

    I have 3 plants growing at the moment two Critical CBD and one Cream47. The critical are growing within my rdwc and the other in coco. The one critical is a tad behind but I realised today that the plant wasn't getting and airflow to make it shiver so I think the same issue has taken place with Co2. They are at about three weeks old and the cream47 like nearly two months but tbh it should have died due to some bad watering Rota.

    The cream47 is the one under the cfl just to put that out there.

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  2. Okay, can you scrog without topping the plant? As you probably know topping produces more kolas slows upwards growth and thickens side growth.

    But I read somewhere that bending the stem down horizontal maybe even a little lower than the stem can give the same effect without the need to top.

    So i was thinking if I let my plant just go on growing up to the scrog, then tie it down to the mesh that it should encourage the same type of growth that bending and topping does.

    Keep tying it down until the mesh is covered with a thick canopy trim and lollipop them underneath the mesh then flip the lights.

    Would this work or have I can some bad information.

    Thanks all.

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  3. Your grow looks nice man, I don't think CO2 is a problem tho, CO2 is something that is readily available always and I doubt that's what killed your plants.

    But personally I don't top my plant, I do what's called LST. And that's tying the plant down sideways, so that more light gets to your nodes, and your nodes will grow just as tall as your cola, which you can then start scrogging. If it's your first "successful" grow, keep it simple man. Your plant in the bucket of soil is perfect height to LST. Use two pieces of string, one at the base to support the plant, another higher up on the plant to bend it over. Always do it before you turn the lights on so it has all day to recover. Subbed!

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  4. Here they are now. Slowly getting there. Seems I have some sort of burn on the potted plant. I think it's light burn as the plant grew into the bulbs.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. They are growing every day now. Starting to think I may be slowly getting to the point of growing a half decent plant.

    The potted one is showing some signs is sickness but I think it's due to my father, he started watering my plant with water from my de-humidifyer which seeing as the ppm from it is only 3-8 compared to my tap water of 80, it ain't bad. But he hasn't been altering ph, so I think it's starting to lockout so hopefully next watering it will start to pick up.

    Other than that rdwc plants are going great but the smaller one is still lagging behind.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Okay. Here is another update. I know they ate so far apart but tbh nothing really happens during veg so I thought I'd keep it a slow pace at the moment.

    I got two plants hitting my scrog wire. That's one Cruical CBD and a Cream 47. Both of which I thought balls to it and topped. The other CBD is lagging behind quite a bit to be honest so I think I will either take a few clones or just let her ride it out and produce what she can.

    I'm thinking of letting them go for another week or so to start them on the scrog, then hopefully with the stretch of flowering fill the wire as much as I can and see what they can do.

    Also I may buy another led but this time a 1000w so if have a 300 and 1000w to help with production. You think it's worth buying or no?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Dude, if you have not yet had a successful harvest, do not buy a 1000W. You should also be skipping all this fancy scrogging and such. Focus on getting a harvest, it doesn't have to be large, and don't let all these fancy techniques distract you

    Buying a 1000W is going to drastically change your setup. Extremely

    Just my .02

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  8. To be honest I though balls to it. Haha I have kinda had a grow I think I managed to get like 3-4 grams. Seeing as it's my last if it works I may get a bit more yield than I would without it. And SCROG isn't to much of a hard training. Not like supercrop and all that jaz

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  9. I've never SCROGGED without multiple toppings. IMO, you need to fill a substantial portion of the screen before the flip. (I always top my plants...SCROG or not)

    But I gotta agree with Paranoia Kills. It blows me away....daily....because in 15+ years on multiple/various pot forums....I've never seen so many first timers/inexperienced growers playing with bondage and torturing plants as I have on this site. (or as many "What is wrong with my plant?" threads) There's definitely a correlation. Believe me.

    I got 15 ounces off my first SCROG but takes for-fuckin-ever to do all that veg. In the same time frame I found I could SOG (although more plants were needed) and be in flower before the screen was 1/2 full on the SCROG. 5-6 harvests per year vs. 3-4. All due to that veg time.

    But it WAS fun and a great experiment. I have a BIG Sour Dubble x Thin Mint Cookie plant outside that I wish was indoors as a SCROG. This girl has octopus arms shooting straight up...and if you were to spread her out...she'd fill a 10 x 10 screen...easily.

    best of luck with yer grow.
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  10. Cheers, yea I have put my penny's worth on here of "What have I done wrong" but I think with this one I may have nipped them in the bud so to speak.

    I don't mind taking the time for scrog I know I'm not going to fill my net up nowhere near enough for a proper scrog but I have topped her once just for a little mess around.

    And even if I don't fill it up as much as I should I don't think it will make to much difference compared to if I did a straight grow without it, i just fancied a little mess around to see what it's all about.

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    I don't want to get to far off of OPs subject, but I have noticed the huge increase in "what is wrong here" topics on this forum, it's clogging up the timeline feed often at times. I went 4 years without coming here, just recently came back to the threads, and it is indeed different. Kids are growing up so heavily involved with google and stuff, but can't seem to google cannabis deficiencies and match things up. That's not to say I've never asked a question on here....I certainly have.

    But heck, maybe I'm just being a bitter old man

    OP your plants look good. They look green and healthy, that's the reason why I said don't change things. Don't take it offensively if it sounded that way

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  12. Been in flowering for six days. Some stretch going on but not much which I guessed would happen.

    Little one in the middle never caught up but I really didn't expect it to.

    As I said previously I know it's a sad excuse of a scrog seeing as it needed maybe another month or so in veg to fill it up but I'm restricted with time once again so I'm just hoping to get somewhat of a crop rather than risking another failure.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. Here they are at 28 days flowering. Still slowly getting there. The little one in the plant pot on top is a cutting I tool and tried to use as a clone. As you can see it worked pretty well.

    I know it's a waste as it's under flowering lights but I don't have a separate room for being so I can't grow her out properly.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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