My large BENZO collection w/new bong **PICS**

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    Well i guess this is my first post but been a GC blade for ever. Heres my little bit of heaven i get every month from my lucky doc... I got major anxiety and panic attacks they really have saved my life id have to say. Don't abuse them and they work wounders for people who need them. Not to say i dont take an extra couple sometimes on the weekend :D

    These are my blue 1mg xananies along with .5mg k-pins (klonopin)

    Also picked up this gnob bong at my local shop in socal $120 with the new bowl and matching defuser (thanks to at snagles for the hook up!) :hello:

    Hop you guys enjoy!


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  2. killer bong man.

    and may i help myself to some of those pills? plzkthx
  3. props on the bong its sick and the benzos dont hurt either haha..just watch catching a habit with that many around benzo withdrawal isnt much fun
  4. Haha thanks man i love beaker bottom bongs the best.... the one i had before this was a 2 foot double perc ZOB beaker bottom of course.

    Get this 3 days after i got that one we were burnin bowls outside in the back yard and my friend last one to use it puts it next to the sliding glass door even tho i told him to put it in the bag... so anyways we play poker inside and i decide to take a toke break and i go open the sliding glass door and i look to the right and watch my 3 day old bong start to fall like the leaning tower of piza i tried to jump for it but it was too late... it was so new i didnt even name it so R.I.P. anonymous one :eek:
  5. nice! dont eat too much xanax and break ur bong now ;)
  6. no fucking way the same bong in the picture bro...thats brutual id be crushed if i had to watch that break.

  7. na i was talkin about my old double perc that broke. the one thats up as the pic is the new one i got and its alive and doing well :hello:
  8. Yummy benzos and dank looking binger.

    On a semi-unrelated note, I'm going to the doctor this week and am going to tell him about a recent anxiety attack I experienced and such. What do you think he's going to give me for it if this is the first time I've ever talked about it?

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