My Lai Massacre, Andersonville, etc.

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  1. Spurred on by a Jeopardy question I wikipedia'd Andersonville and that led me to the My Lai massacre.

    My Lai Massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Andersonville National Historic Site - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you don't feel like checking out the links I'll give a basic summary: Andersonville was a confederate prison during the Civil War in which about 1/4 of all those sent there died due to malnutrition and disease. The My Lai Massacre was an incident during the Vietnam War in which around 400 unarmed Vietnamese civilians (almost all of them women, children and old men) were slaughtered by U.S soldiers.

    These things really depressed me, especially the My Lai incident considering how relatively recent it was... How do these things happen? How is it that people you and I meet on the street, people that seem 'nice' can, in certain situations, be made to wreak such terrible destruction on their fellow man? How can any human being, no matter the nature or details of whatever conflict they find themselves in, aim a gun at a child and pull the trigger?

    And for those that think this type of coldness is a thing of the past, I remember reading about a soldier in Iraq who, in civilian clothes, entered the house of an Iraqi family, raped their 14-year old daughter and killed her and the rest of her family.
    Steven Dale Green - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    How can we humans do these things to each other? :(
  2. This is what our "great" country does in our name for them, isn't it sickening how arrogant they are and how apathetic we are?

    Great find. :)
  3. That what military is good at, brainwashing soldiers, tricking them killing people even woman and childerns.
  4. "Every Unit of Brigade size has it's My Lai hidden someplace. They only reason they remain unknown was that every unit didn't have a Ridenhour."

    -- Colonel Oran Henderson

  5. I don't think the blame lands on the military. I think the responsibility falls on the individuals. It was William Calley's spineless cowardice which caused My Lai.

    Captain Hugh Thompson didn't stand for it.
  6. I live about an hour from Andersonville.

  7. I live about 2.5 hours from A'ville. Even visited it along time ago. I remember buying a shot glass in the gift store that said "Lee Surrendered, I didn't." It's a purty place.

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