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My knee didnt respond to the doctor tapping on it?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SSH12, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Every time in the past before I started smoking a lot when I went to the doctor and had a checkup,the doctor always hit my knee with a mallet and my foot would always react and move a little but today when I went to get my checkup she hit my knee and it wasn't moving at all. She said something about it being a problem and I looked up what it means if your knee doesn't react and it said it means you have damaged nerves. Does this mean that smoking is damaging my nerves? Or some other effect that made it so my knee didn't react? Because smoking's the only difference I've done between my last checkup.

  2. You shouldn't of eaten the whole edible.
    If you do it again you're gonna have a limp, and it all goes downhill from there.
    Don't worry though bro us paraplegics get all the ass.
  3. :confused_2:

    Ehh, some knees are slower than others....

  4. I don't get the joke or you're baked as fuck? Lol
  6. Oh that's what I was assuming but I don't get your last two lines. Yea that 200mg had literally less of a high than one I get from a snapper. So I took 600mg the next day and I got pretty destroyed (hallucinating when I closed my eyes) but it only lasted about 3 hours so I don't think the edible had anything to do with it ..
  7. cball please

    jesus christ smoking would not impact muscle reaction like that for fuck sake. this is just getting out of hand.
  8. Then explain to me what else could have caused it. I don't believe weed is the cause but I don't have any other changing factors besides me aging a couple months and a shit ton of stress from college. 
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  10. who knows? theres probably hundreds of different possible reasons it could be happening.

    and it would be an atypical response to weed. extremely unlikely it would be the cause.
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  13. Damn snoop, the coveted quadruple post
  14. Marijuana does not cause nerve damage.
  15. What does "cball" mean?
  16. you'll see soon :laughing:
  17. i almost kick the doctor everytime they knee tap me so i don't think its the weed.

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  18. If I wasn't baked as fuck ATM my college education could pay off here lol

    reflex inhibition blah blah blah...unless you can no longer feel or move your legs it's not much to worry about
  19. That happened to me during my last physical.  My Doc said, "well, I guess yer dead."
  20. New account with odd never heard of before negative medical symptons? Hmmm..

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