My kind of problem...

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  1. Ok, here's the problem.

    I just hired a new secretary, and she's hot as hell!! What should I do???


    I wish...


    Looks like a lot of guys are posting something like this :

    "I got a problem. This hot chick digs me and wants to fuck me real bad. What should I do?"

    But MY problem is that I DON'T HAVE these kinds of problems. I wish I did, but I really don't.

    In fact, I would LOVE to have a hot chick who digs me and wants to give me a blow job, but I never have these kinds of problem because ....

    I usually know exactly what to do with her.

  2. Wellllll, what do you WANT to do? :D
  3. Lol.... Don't get me started... :D

    First, I would show my new secretary her seat. Which is under my desk. :D
  4. I know there is absolutely ZERO chance that my secretary will read this, so I'll just say it.

    I want to get me a new secretary... the ones that look like in the movies...

    Actually, when I posted the opening for a job, I interviewed about 3 ladies, one of them was decent looking and the other was really hot. The third one, the one who got the job, was least attractive, in fact, not attractive AT ALL.

    Which was the reason why she got the job.

    I don't trust myself.
  5. Sounds like the story line of a porn. :D Just feel her out, and I don't mean with your hands. :laughing: You never know what a seemingly "nice" girl will be down for. :devious:
  6. Damn, so does that mean that my hot self will be discriminated against in hiring?? :laughing:
  7. I will say nothing to this comment, as it could be used against me in court. :D
  8. I like you. :p
  9. Reasons why I find fucking secretaries incredibly hot.

    First because it's so risky. And you do it in the office. And you do it with your clothes on.

    And after sex, you totally ignore the fucking and act as if nothing had happened.

    I find that incredibly... erotic.
  10. Oh, and I like you very much! :wave:
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    I will say nothing to this comment, as I am a married woman. :laughing:

    ETA: Okay, I lied. I had sex in the bathroom of this guy's parents house once. Just pulled my pants down and he went at it from behind. Damn...memories.
  12. LOL!!!

    I'll come clean. I confess.

    The MAIN reason why I went for the least attractive one was because I'm a married man. :D

  13. Good fucking answer. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. ;)
  14. When my wife heard I got a new scretary, she acted weird for like a month.. until she got to meet the secretary.

    After the meeting, she was back to normal.

    I've never had casual sex... even before getting married...

    I wish I had... Then I would at least have some jack off material. (And a lead for my next porn story) :D
  15. IMO, casual sex is overrated...and I've had my fair share of casual sex. I much prefer sex with my husband. He knows exactly what to do and when to do it. :cool:
  16. I see your point.

    But you're woman... you need to be 'taken care' of...

    But I'm a guy...

  17. I can tell you, from experience, the grass is not always greener on the other side.
  18. Lol... it must be the first time I'm seeing the grass greener on my side! :D
  19. If you think of your hot secretary while you're bangin' your wife, you've got the best of both worlds and no ones gets hurt. :cool:
  20. haha just make sure you don't yell the hot secretaries name otherwise you might get hurt:D

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