My Kind of Christmas!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Br@dOnTop, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. So every Christmas my younger brother, mom and I go to our relatives for Christmas Eve. Well every year a good number of my relatives slip out the house and come back acting ridiculous. It wasnt until last year that I figured they were going and blazing on the side of the house!

    So this year my brother and I made a promise we would attempt to join them. So we went in on some fire and I rolled up a very nice dutch master blunt (grape of course) to bring with with us. Well we kept an eye on my relatives the entire night, and when they started to file out the door one by one we slipped out the back.

    As I approached the circle my relatives started to get nervous and put the j down. I just filled in the circle and sparked up the fat blunt... Nothing was really said but they took the j back out and we just blazed like it was nothing!! :smoking:

    Hah I've never felt more like a part of my family than I did last night. Smoking herb is in my blood. Next year I'm bring a 1/8 sack and some glass and I'm gonna blow them away :)

    Hope everyone had a merry xmas! Peace, Love and GC

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