my killer bong = )

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  2. can't view the image
  3. no pic?

    try it maybe?
  4. try opening it in a new tab
  5. can you guys see it now?
  6. yup! it looks sick! :smoking:
  7. I'd hit that.
  8. some very tasty unamed kush too,
    [​IMG][/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
  9. lol, spliff bowls^^
  10. is that glass on glass? thats a need for me
  11. ^^ sure is alll glass
  12. here we go!

    nice pick up brodie.

    lovin the stairway glass swirl
  13. I like that glittery blue look color scheme... very nice
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    It's not, its a grommet bong. I had one too. Good starter piece though.

    Enjoy it
  15. I got the same grinder haha. And i got two soft glass bongs, actually two small ones like that and another thats like 18 inches that rips. I like em but prefer the glass on glass style.
  16. My friend had one of those. downstem snapped in the middle of it's first sesh =/ but they are only $30 or so. so you get what you pay for

  17. Looks like it to me. Nasty fuckin shit :bolt:

    Sick bong tho
  18. I see some tobacco in that bowl :eek:

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