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my kif is green

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im_doing_me, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. my kif is very pale green.does this mean anythign specific compared to it turning out browning or yellowish.its more green than brown.anyone know what im getting at.

    and also...i once saw this hash,,,that was golden,,not yellow,,,golden..really golden.anyone know what is was?
  2. yea that was blonde hash, prolly bubblehash or somethin, and your kif is green cause you prolly had real dry bud and little bits of vegetative matter are in it.
  3. i beleive if is defferent amongst all strains... personally ive had green, white, yellow, and brown and theyve all fucked me up so i was satisfied.
  4. i wish i knew how to make the blonde one.

  5. do you got like a spacecase grinder or a screen that your using to catch keif?

    because green keif usually means that your pressing your buds too hard against the screen causing plant matter to fall in with the collect a hell of a lot more keif this way but the pure golden keif is the bombdigitty, you just gotta let it collect slowley over time.

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