my kid is gonna be fucked up

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. do you guys think small children notice when youre high or fucked up or something? I was jus thinkin, soon Ima have this kid (thank god its a boy) and I can only hope that the kid never realizes one day "holy shit, dad was fucked up outta his mind all day everyday!"

    On another note, I was watching this kid, this little girl for someone in the family, and I have NEVER met a child like this. THIS, was satans baby, no joke *****. If you so much as looked at this kid wrong, told her "no", said "dont do that" It doesnt matter, this kid starts SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, crying her head off for no reason.

    When shes not crying, shes screaming just for the fuck of it. After 2 nights of this being here I was ready to kick her and her momma to the curb.

    So what the fucks yall been up on the GC, mother fuckin blades?!
  2. Depends on the age of the kid and how fucked up you are, I guess. :confused:

    Just being stoned around a kid, it would probably be hard for them to tell.
    I have had friends that would constantly actually smoke in front of their kids, though. That's a little more obvious. :rolleyes:

    One in particular, was a female friend who had a son that was 5 at the time. She had smoked in front of him his whole life and continued to do it. She'd have people over to chill and smoke, and would just sit at the table taking hits while her son was 10 feet away, or occasionally right next to us trying to get someone to play with him or show us something he made.

    Not something I was comfortable with, but some people just don't seem to care. =/

    Eventually he started mocking us making coughing sounds whenever we'd cough, and started making comments about his mom smoking green stuff and such and such.

    I think in that situation its obvious the kid is going to grow up, discover weed, and be like "oh, so this is what mom was doing with her friends all the time!"
    Or worst case scenario, he says the wrong thing in front of the wrong person and she gets her kid taken away...

    So yeah, definitely don't take that route... :p
  3. I found out a little while ago that my uncle was baked most of the time he would take care of me as a kid. Just be active and dont lay on ur couch half asleep. If you know how to act normal when ur high then I doubt a kid would be able to tell. And if you raise your kid right I doubt ur kid will become like that little girl. Kids dont just become like that, they get like that because parents dont discipline their kids. Maybe you shouldnt smoke too much when ur kids awake just go for the little buzz. Then when ur kid goes to sleep smoke ur brains out.
  4. LOL BRO YOU HAVE A LOT TO SEE! You will never understand those crazy, whining kids until you have your own. Children are fuckin difficult. Just make sure you teach him some moral standards.

  5. Oh yeah, I been watching how people raise their kids, and I am disappointed in alot of people I know.

    Shit I know *****s dont take shit from NOBODY, but practically lay down to their kids.


    when you tell your kid youre going to spank them, well goddamnit, DO IT, dont just tell them you are and then down.

    And as for drugs in front of children, yall dont gotta worry about that with me, I disagree with that completely. However, I pop a fair amount of pills, not enough to completely narc out, but enough to where Im kinda like "whaaaaa" Most of the day.
  6. yea one of my friends were always doing coke in front of his kid,then one day we were chilling an i saw him do a pretend line off the table like he was railing a line of coke,i felt really bad for him.

    boosh its totally cool to be stoned in front of your kids as long as your acting normal,witch most seasoned tokers don't have to much of a problem with,just don't smoke in front of him an shit.

    a kid is a big responsibility,your the one who's gonna mold his life,its gonna be hard as fuck,but trust me it will all be worth it.anyways good luck bro.
  7. Spanking is not the way to go, in my opinion. It just makes kids more aggressive and lets them keep their anger in their mind. Solitary confinement to cool off is the way to go.

  8. yeah thats fucked up, babies shouldnt know about that type of shit. I have a guy I know that his step son is 3, maybe 4 by now. This kid, if his fingers were strong enough to light the lighter, could straight rip the bong.

    And I know that Ima be the ***** to mold the kids life, his morals, his work ethic. Im really psyched on that part, I wanna raise a person who will do whats right when it needs to be done, but someone who will NOT lay down to retarded kiddie bullshit.

    I could just see it now, kids gonna think he has like 3 names, Corbin, little *****, and mother fucker :D
  9. haha, i was an annoying little kid. i was the one you'd see parents taking out of restaurants cuz i'd be like "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" then i got mad chill at around 5. maybe that annoying kid will mellow out like i did.
  10. I was the type of baby that would cry whenever I needed something, shitty diaper, more food and the life. if I didnt have anything to cry about then I was good and quiet :D

    Now, the kid IS going to be a pot baby, my girl still smokes, she doesnt get blitzed outta her mind or nothing like that. And Ive noticed that a pot baby compared to a non pot baby are two completely diffrent beings.

    The boy pot baby I know *garret* is so fuckin cool and chillin, and hes so SMART for an 18 month old.

    The non pot baby girl *angela* the one I previously mentioned, is a little fucking monster. a month older, and will not say a real word, just cry and cry. But I guess it could be because everyone works with garret, reads to him and talks to him n shit. Angelas mom doesnt do that I dont think.
  11. yeah i know a crack head fuck that has this broad stayin with him who has 2 kids. they smoke meth in front of them all the time. and the bitch smoked meth among other things when she was pregnant. i was gettin pills an shit from the dude (you know dope heads get those pills) but i don't even fuck with him anymore. pills went up and hes just gonna spend the money on more meth. fuck it. i can get codones elsewhere..

    then i've known a couple broads who smoke meth, crack, snort coke, drink and all that when theyre pregnant. weirdest feeling i've ever had was when i told this probably 7 month prego broad i wouldnt sell her any codones cause she was prego and she got pissed and all her friends look at me like i'm fucked up.. ha. fuckin dope heads...

    but no i don't think i would smoke right in front of my kids(if i had any). but being stoned around them wouldnt really be a problem. i doubt they would notice and if they did it would be in the teen years. not as kids...
  12. If you see your child high and red eyed, they'll probably think you're crying.
  13. Smoking in front of my drinking a beer.
    and i can be high infront alot of people and be lowkey.
    But that satan kid could be autistic....
    I wont have any kids for a while...hopefully.

  14. Hmm I never considered autism. That could very well be her ailment.

    As for not having kids, bout 8-9 months ago dawg, I was like "I aint havin any children for bout 5 more years".

    Now here I am :) Got one due in less than 3 months. Fuck man, dont jinx yourself or nothing. ;)
  15. i have this friend who let his kid hit the blunt one time...his kid was like 2 or some shit

  16. I dont particularly agree with that, but I would just turn a blind eye to it for one, for two, Im pretty sure theres some kids out there that that straight WORKS on, calms the little pricks down in a snap. Still not kosher in my book though.

  17. lol i dont advocate it either but it was hilarious...lil dude was so high man :p
  18. I used to take care of my friends kids a lot and I was always stoned out of my mind while doing so, but I always sprayed something to cover up any smell so it was never even an issue. Only thing that ever happened was once a j fell out of my ear and one of her twins picked it up and handed to me, I kinda felt bad but I doubt she knew what it was haha
  19. I'm with you brother, Semper Fi!

    Anyways. My mom ran a licensed daycare, for 11 years or so. Bunch of screaming kids, and me being stuck in my living room with them.

    After months of this, I finally realized, tell them all to shut up, really loudly.

    If that doesnt work, and they are young enough where they cant commit harm, put them in a quiet room, in a crib, and let them cry themselves to sleep. If you keep huddling them, it will make them needy one day.

    To the Herbage issue. No, your son doesnt realize whats happening, he will soon though, I told him through subliminal messages on Teletubbies. Ok, back to reality. Your kid knows what he hears. So if you say the J, is a ciggarette, when he ask's, he will know it as a cig. Or you could say medicine. By the time he realizes its weed, he will be buying it for you and him to smoke.

    Good luck my friend. Just remember, never get kids high, never beat them from anger. Make love not war.
  20. Lets not get my thread closed now, not supposed to be talkin about getting children high.

    Itll be good hopefully. If Im lucky he'll just pick up some of the personality and be a laid back, chill ass baby.

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