My kid brother got himself caught, fuck.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JuanRing, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. The kid had it coming, he really did. He'd smoke in his room with our mom sleeping 20 feet down the hall, he'd leave his pieces and weed in his room, instead of leaving them at my house like i asked him to(he comes over a ton, its not like he'd be without his stuff for weeks), and just all around be reckless and irresponsible about weed smoking.

    Now he finally got caught. He took a bunch of pictures of himself and his friends smoking out of my new bong, and put them on facebook(smart move:rolleyes:) and guess what?

    Now our mom is pissed at him. She hasn't confronted him about it yet, she just found the pictures now, she's waiting for him to get home from school. I just got the call from her now.

    Little prick also skipped every day of classes this week, so in a way he kinda deserved to get busted, better than skipping all his classes to go smoke up IMO.

    I think i'm gonna stop smoking him up until he gets his grades up, teach him to be a responsible stoner:smoke:
  2. Damn straight dude, there are times when all of us feel invincible for smoking weed, but we have to remember those around us would say otherwise. Given that your brother is living under your mom's roof, he has two choices when it comes to smoking weed:

    A) Don't do it.
    B) Don't get caught doing it.

    It sounds like he got himself caught in a pretty bad spot, but he was asking for it... uploading those pics on facebook? Please :rolleyes: private profiles ftw.
  3. Yah, get him to smarten up before you get him a blazin again. Kids gotta learn.
  4. You are a good brother. By doing this I feel that he will straighten his act up. I'm saying this because I am the younger brother in my family and I REALLY look up to my older brother. When we were kids I would always imitate what he did cause I wanted to be just like him and now when he gives me advice I take it because like I said I look up to him.

    +rep for being a true brother.
  5. I'm the same way dude, I'm the younger sibling aswell. My brother can be a asshole but he looks out for me and I look up to him because of it.
  6. good thinking about your brother
  7. Too many kids are giving us marijuana smokers a bad name. Teach him good!:smoke:
  8. oh man, why the hell would you put that stuff up on facebook? my school checks our facebooks for bad pictures and behavior and busts us for all kinds of stuff like that so putting that shit up there is just really dumb. you never know who is looking. hopefully he'll take your guidance to heart and smarten up. he is planning on going to college too right? he oughta make sure his fb is clean cuz most colleges check them out before accepting you.
  9. Around here Facebook is just some big social thing that all the jocks and preps use to make themselves look so much better than they are.

    Can't stand it.
  10. skipping class to smoke is, IMO, a really dumb move. There was a kid that went to high school with me that would come to 1st 2nd and 3rd period then ditch 4th to smoke then come back for 5th and 6th. guess he didnt think they would notice him going to all but one class every day for 3 weeks.

    props for lookin out for your brother.

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