My Journey into "The One-Straw Revolution"

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    I want to start fresh as I am taking a step back and dedicating this journal to the art of replicating nature to the best of our abilities while I dive into this book. I am very interested to get this gentleman's view of not only farming but how it can relate to everyday life.

    Here is a link from GiMiKs Library of Organic Gardening PDF

    I am always seeking input and it is always welcome. I am not by any means an expert. This is only my 2nd cycle and the first in these containers.


    As I stated I am only a catalyst in this journal. It's merely a homage to No Till Gardening and "The One Straw Movement" and everyone who is passionate about it. I will however provide the best environment possible.
    • 2x 315w phantom CMH 3100k Phillips lamps
    • 6x3x1 geopot planter
    • Blumat automatic watering system
    I cannot take credit for any flowers produced. The credit is to be given to the guys and gals who inspired, educated me, then led me down this path to the most potent of flower and exquisite terpene profiles I have ever ever experienced. This particular Afghan cow had a pine tar with skunky earthy undertones and finished with a smooth spicy flavor.

    As I become more familiar with my soil composition and the soil and humus mature even more exquisite buds are in my future to enjoy.

    Thanks again to the truly knowledgeable preservationists of cultivars and the the practice of responsible and sustainable gardening.

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  2. Day ??? Who keeps up. We let the plants tell us what they want. They dictate their life cycle.

  3. Senescence has taken hold. This is where nature will truly take over. I can only stand by and observe.

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    "Modern research divides nature into tiny pieces and conducts tests that conform neither with natural law nor with practical experience. The results are arranged for the convenience of research, not according to the needs of the farmer.”
    Masanobu Fukuoka

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    Blueberry strong pheno. She's fading to purple. I'm interested as to how she'll finish off. She's popping fresh hair sets daily. I think my geopot cook is throwing out serious co2 in the room. 1501290561192462641476.jpg
  6. Update PhotoBomb (i'll add the morgan freeman narrations later)
    150094509037081650069.jpg 1500945132887925320490.jpg 1500945233164733807469.jpg 1501031441994501296977.jpg 15011230409892004318875.jpg 15011231553672080140986.jpg 1501290561192462641476.jpg 15013561000111974966939.jpg 15013767844751585918672.jpg 15013769201351986637875.jpg 1501446658506367051964.jpg 1501462951811605289011.jpg 1501462994164289444453.jpg 15016356557691266846535.jpg 1501704442383274556236.jpg 1501705181119428672445.jpg 15019393612841657574786.jpg 15019529690311416604804.jpg 15019677051211690414605.jpg 15019680077331044629867.jpg
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    The mazar is a sleeping giant. I'm always disappointed when I first chop but her terp and cannabinoid profiles are extremely complexed and take time to mature but when they do damn. An overwhelmingly sweet key lime pie with an aftertaste of piney skunk.

    Right now it's an infusion but it's developing more every day.
  8. Just got the IPM in.

    • Myers all natural lavender dish soap
    • Lemon grass oil
    • Neem oil
    I still can't decide if I should grow these out in 10g or put them right in the bed. Maybe I should just keep them for clone machines in case I have to fill any gaps
  9. Just an environment shot or 2 1502568849845579475383.jpg 1502568876067185390991.jpg 15025689017021293301047.jpg
  10. One great thing I have learned and I see the power in it, not trying to correct an issue unless it affects growth. My starts were showing defficiency but it corrected itself. Think of a baby first coming into the world. It's a harsh place but over time the baby learns and can begin to flourish on its own. Seedlings will show deficiency but it's part of acclimation.

    15028016420071873745758.jpg 15028016837921630951486.jpg
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  11. Have you ever seen compost from the bottom of a 6+ year old cold compost pile? Lmao.


    It's my step moms pile. I don't know if I should just consider this worm castings at this point. It sits right where the runoff rainwater collects from a hill loaded with trees. I'm thinking nematodes are all up in this shit...worm shit that is. Roots were growing out of the ground to get to it on the edge.

    I may still run it through a mini vermicomposter. Check these mini roughnecks out. Probabaly drill holes and line with weed barrier. I have lots of work planned this weekend. We will see what gets done. All of it revolves around compost and worms.

    Setting up two 150g worm reactors like uncle jim. Coots gave me the idea from reading.old content. It's for the lawn also.
  12. Update...yesterday was first full 12/12
  13. I fed kelp/neem/karanja tea. Sativa being fussy. Water only. Water every 5 days. 15054330518101787657704.jpg 1505433107357726180752.jpg 1505433139578284157542.jpg 150543317487950864428.jpg
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  14. 5 days from flip. Mystery started throwing pistils.. 1505587830665179862249.jpg 15055879162265414283.jpg 150558799147076942682.jpg
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