My journal in images and not only :D

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  1. Hello everyone
    I've decided to start a grow journal even dow my first grow it it's almost complete i will continue with my second one :D

    My problem is that i have 2 strains,one indica and one sativa and the reason is that the sativa flowers in 10-11 weeks and indica in 8-9 weeks...i have to separated them in the last two weeks...:eek:

    i'm now on the forth week of flower and the plants looking good...i'll wait your comments and help and questions if you like to...thanks

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  2. some pics during veg

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  3. some pics during the first phase of flowering(4th week included)

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  4. Lookin great dude, subbeddedddc
  5. time i'll start from beginning...:hello:
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    my outdoor plant that i veg outdoor for 2 month in CANNA soil in 2.5 gal bucket

    and the beggining of the 5th week update and the bloom nutrients...

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  7. Looks healthy, and appears sativa dominant. I would lst the shit out of it.

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