My joint wouldn't light up ?? and i couldnt get high

Discussion in 'General' started by Hey420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. It was my first time smoking weed today and for some reason when i rolled it up in the joint and lit the tip it wouldnt stay lit, and when i tryed to take a drag i really just got a mouthful of marijuana ?
    did i lick the paper too much or something ? But the thing is i tried it with tobbacco only a few nights ago and i could smoke the thing but this time it just wouldnt stay lit ?
    So then i tried making it out of a can and i got about one drag of smoke but i still cough or my throat wasnt too bad or anything it was just like smoking tobacco ?
  2. Perhaps the joint was too wet or maybe the cannabis wasn't cured properly.
  3. ye damp weed can hinder the burning process, maybe the joint was rolled way to tight?
  4. Hmmm. Yeah Id say too wet. It only takes a little wetness to roll a joint. Hope you get high soon man.
  5. My guess...

    Either the bud was too moist...
    You rolled it too loose...

  6. It couldnt be that it was too loose since it would light. From early experience a loose joint would just burn fast. Then again the mouthfull of weed... Maybe too wet and too loose? Ah what a perplexing situation.
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    Nah seriously if you roll it too loose or uneven, it's hard to get a steady burn.
  8. Guys how can i make it tighter ?
  9. be careful though, i knew one guy who seriously thought the tightest the best and i couldnt even hit the fucker lol.. just gotta find that nice consistent even roll that burns at a good speed :smoke:

    takes practice
  10. [ame][/ame]
  11. Check out the how to roll a joint guide, that might help.
    Post pictures of the weed you were using ?
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    Do you pinch one of the sides of the joint and swing it around to try to pack some of the bud down? If you do then you should probably take it easy on it. I used to think that it would only make it better, but then my joints wouldn't light lol.

    Yeah I just read your post about you wanting to make it tighter, a loose joint is easy to spot so if you think that it's too loose then go for it, but usually that's not the problem. It would have to be extremely loose to not light. I think it's one of too.

    Too tight
    or the grower/dealer sucked
  13. Table roll it.

  14. what papers are you using.... that could have alot to do with it
  15. I never have this problem with my bubbler. Just sayin
  16. Just put it in a bowl man!
  17. I'm using rizla +
  18. i couldnt haha i tried making a can bowl and the smoke wouldnt even get into my mouth :L

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