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  1. I just did a 12 fuckin hour shift i guess after 8 hours they gotta pay you 13$ overtime & well not for me cause i was supposed to work from 7P.m. to 6 a.m.(overnight) so when the clock hit 12am it doesnt count because its another FUCKIN DAY WTF WHO MADE THAT STUPID ASS FUCKIN RULE TO MAKE IT WORSE I WAS BOUT TO LEAVE AT 6 & THE MANAGER HAS ME DO SOME BOXES ANDI END UP LEAVING AT 7:30 LIKE WTF MAN I GET HOME FIND OUT MY PACKAGE JUST GOT OUT OF ISC CHICAGO AND IT WILL BE HERE IN A FEW DAYS! ITS BEEN AT ISC FOR 2WEEKS!! ITS A FUCKIN GUITAR PIPE !! OH AND I TOUCHED MAGGOTS ON OLD CATFOOD AT THE STORE! I am currently hiding in my room in fear of my day getting worse & i cant feel my legs :/ Fuck Smart & Final.
  3. I dont know what state you're in , but where I live, you have to work over 40 hrs in a week to get paid overtime, doesn't matter if it is done working more than 8 hours/day. Maybe your state is different.
  4. Well im in california and another employee told me i should sue
  5. You have to check what your employer considers a "workday" . It may not necessarily fall in the same time frame as your workshift.

    You can read here to see if you're entitled to overtime

    It seems you are, since you worked more than 8 consecutive hours, but there are exceptions to that rule. As for suing, I think you're better off taking your employer thru mediation or arbitration to resolve the issue if he really did screw you over.
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    Depends on what your employer considers a work day. Most employers consider the workday to be from midnight to midnight. The start of the work day doesn't have to coincide with the start of your shift. That's just how it works in California. Now that said, if you work again today, for more than an hour, you will be entitled to overtime. It's not really fucked up, it just the way the overtime law is set up here. If you didn't want to work these kinds of shifts, you should have made that clear on your application. You should always know your employment laws. 
    Did you also know that you can work more than 40 hours a "week" (6 8 hr shifts in a row) without being paid overtime? Say you work 5 8 hour shifts, You're off Sunday and Monday, and you work Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. And then you get called in on Sunday. Well if your employer's set work week is Sunday-Saturday (and it usually is), you don't get paid overtime, because those extra 8 hrs are logged into the next week. Same with the 7 days in a row is overtime law. As long as your employer doesn't randomly up and change the work day, or work week to skirt overtime, it's all perfectly legal.
    You can sue if you want. But you'll lose. And be careful because if you do lose, you may be liable for your employers litigation costs. Labor disputes are better handled through the labor board.
  7. talk to your manager about the situation? tell him what hours you did.
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