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My Job Dt Experience

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Almores, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. So I've seen a lot of people asking about drug tests and what to do to pass them (Me being one of them). I figured I'd post my own adventure with the DT process to help others in the same situation.
    So I'm a big guy, not exactly built and maybe a tad soft, and I'm applying for a job this summer. I get an interview with Best Buy, everything works out great and I'm given the job offer. One background check done and everything was going great until the email for drug testing.
    I should probably say that I pretty much expected the test requirement to me up but me being a fun-loving irresponsible guy decided to smoke two days before anyway. So I'm sitting around freaking out because I now have to find a way to pass the test.
    I searched the forums and bought myself a Whizzinator Touch. Everything was great until the three days before that I took to practice using the whiz. That was when I found out that the Kincho heating pads they send with the whiz gave off only a tiny bit of heat, and not enough to maintain a temp of 98 degrees on the whiz. I freaked out and did some more research on the internet before seeing that my only option was to either substitute or dilute.
    I chose to substitute, and used the methods outlined in the thread
    When I got to LabCorp, having practiced extensively, I walked in and talked to the scrubs behind the counter. They told me to fill out the attendance, and wait for a little while. I waited 10 minutes before a guy called me in to take the test. He had bring my paperwork and all that, and ID and then he gave me a plastic cup with a temp strip on the side. He told me to fill it a certain way, a little under half of the cup. He gave me the warnings not to flush, use the sink, or touch the temp strip on the cup. I used the bathroom attached to what I think might have been his office, and was allowed to shut and lock the door.
    With that I closed the door and immediately took out the bottle. I emptied it out into the urine cup and was a little worried that it might not have been enough.  I peed a little in the toilet and on the rim to make it seem like I used the toilet, and left.
    He had already printed out the summary sheet for the urine test (Though this might not be common, as I've read more than one report that didn't) It was probably because I looked like such a normal guy. He looked at the temperature strip and gave me some forms to sign. He placed the urine in one vial and told me to dump the rest into the toilet.
    After that I left the building and drove home. The summary he gave me already had typed out answers to the temperature check, so I'm not sure he even checked the temperature value too hard (By the way, the range stated on the sheet is 90-100F, though I've read that others had been re-tested for being two degrees off). 
    So yeah, that was my adventure in a nut shells. Spent $150 and ended up using a $20 set up. I might bury the Whizzinator or something, who knows. 
    Moral I guess, don't be too worried about the test as substitution is pretty easy unless you give them a reason to think you need to be observed. Practice Practice PRACTICE to make sure that you get the temperature right. Try to look as much not like a stoner as you can. Try to chat them up to have them think you're just another joe.

  2. Impressive!  Glad it worked out for you!

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