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  1. I grow two plants and only vegged 25 or 26 days, the only purpose for this grow was to get my S-1 seeds from the one plant.
    Went through two buds and have over 50 seeds so should end up with a few hundred after going through the rest. IMG_20230329_080745087.jpg IMG_20230329_080729832.jpg
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  2. Here's my other plant that I didn't pollinate, should have a week left to harvest. Buds are very dense buds just like a indica bud. IMG_20230329_080849391.jpg Image_2023-03-29 08_00_11_429.png Image_2023-03-29 07_58_41_920.png Screenshot_20230329-082514.png
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  3. Yes it's just a test plant to give to my friend's to see how good it is.
    I want to make sure she ready before cutting, Tuesday will be 8 weeks of flowering.
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  4. 16805247511693502707986701150489.jpg 1680524831526638007244065364691.jpg Screenshot_20230403-080707.png Ended up getting 177 seeds out of my plant which are S-1 seeds so all female.
    Give the buds to my friend after taring the buds apart but there was still a few seeds in it that he can grow outside this year.
    Harvested the other plant and got it curing now, only vegged it for 25 or 26 days just wanted to see what type of buds she was going to produce.
    They are solid buds and will cut every bud off the stems to see how much there is and it was a 8 week strain for flowering.
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  5. Ended up with 70+ grams from plant with no stems, let a friend try it and said it's real good but got one more guy to try it today who has all types of different buds in jars, so his opinion on it will be what I'm looking for. I can't smoke it because of the mediation my doctor has me on and get tested every visit.
    This may our senators will allow recreational cannabis, if not it will be on the ballot in November and I think it will pass then I can really grow the way I would like to do I can share some big buds not worrying about getting in trouble. So I'm back laying low for now until it's legal.
  6. They look nice. 16808860430217875568581979426552.jpg
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  7. Looking good Brother!
  8. Thanks brother, I just like to grow so I have something to do.
    Grew my first plant in 1977.
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