My introduction. (Does anybody really care?)

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  1. High, everybody, I'm Bill. I'm 33 years old, married father of 2. I'm from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I am addicted to Oxycontin for almost 2 years and weed for 15 years. I was doing research on the topic of my oxy addiction, and stumbled onto this site. I've also come across it various times googling various weed related topics, so I thought I'd join. I am starting Methadone Thursday, and plan on shutting down the weed as well as the oxy, the reason of course for the methadone, and I'm scared. Afraid to let go of my olf friend high. I've been high every day minus 20 or 30 days since 1994. I get high for everything. To get up, to make and eat breakfast, to be nice to my family, to go to work, to chill after work, but never to get high anymore. It's all to not get sick.
  2. Yea a lot of people do really care, My own dad died from an addiction (not going to get into it) but I wish you the best of luck with your treatment, your kids and your family all need you. Your wallet will also thank you :)

    On a more brighter note, welcome to the grasscity. Here you will find many friends and caring people, it's a great forum with a lot of great people and I'm happy to welcome you here. Any questions you ask will surely be answered.

    Best regards and welcome aboard friend.

    Really good luck kicking the addiction, once you get clean your entire life will brighten up, and that is a fact.
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    I do care. I have struggled with addiction as well, and I have overcome it. During your rehabilitation you might feel weak and deserted, unhappy and alone. I hope this book will find you well and help you find yourself.

    Best of luck, and enjoy the site.

    **Page 26 is my favorite
  4. Yes there is a great number of caring & compassionate people on here in Grass City that do really care. Many of us are not just "potheads" but responsible, caring and trustworthy people who have something in common. I'm sad to hear about your addiction but, I'm happy to hear that you are finally stepping up to solve the problem. I commend you for that and you should take pride in yourself that you are doing so. I wish you only the best.

  5. Pretty much what he said, when I realized drugs were becoming a large part of my life, I had to calm down and prioritize, think about the people that loved me and couldn't see what was happening to me. Now I smoke marijuana 5-15 times a month (not much, but that's the point, isn't it) and engage in the consumption of alcohol or any other drug with careful moderation. I stopped before addiction was something that completely altered my way of thinking (doesn't mean someone's weak, it's psychologically unavoidable). Now I live a better life and if I'm out of bud or haven't had a drink in weeks, no problem, I'll do something productive, take a walk, talk to a friend. My life is so much better without a monkey on my back. The best of luck and welcome to the city.
  6. High back at chya!
    Thanks for "driving" your internet browser into the City in your quest for other information, and more importantly, thank you for sharing some things about yourself. There are a lot of caring and compassionate members of this site, I think if you stick around you will find those, and enjoy your time. I haven't been a member for too long, but I love to read the threads, communicate with others that share similar interests, as well as get a lot of very useful information to store in my "files". :smoking:

    Hope to see you around! :wave:
  7. i have seen many of my friends go through these problems (yes im younger) but they were addicted for 4-5 years. All 3 had their lives go down hill but i watched all 3 get their shit together and are living successful happy lives. You can beat it my friend, it takes some change but its for the best. Good luck man!! Welcome to the city:smoking:
  8. Well, that was quite the welcome. Just wanted to say thank you to those who posted welcome replies. I just may have to spend some more time here in the city.
  9. If you need any support you'll find it here at the City.

    There's lots of 16 year olds for the main part but dont get put off because there is a very tight knit and caring community here for you to join.

    It's a bit of a juxtaposition for you though trying to give up weed and visiting a weed site - so I wish you all the best

    If you need anyone to talk to or you're on the "wobble" then you can always find some help and inspiration here.

    Hell, we've even recently had a member who recently kicked H - you might want to look up

    All the best

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