My inquiry to the masters of munchies which is GC

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nycblazer, Mar 29, 2012.

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    hello all I'm about to eat... what should i eat... the simplest of questions comes with the burden of too many answers.....

    i have the options of local pizza (I'm in long island, ny so its ballin!), any fast food besides gay ones like sonic and chic-fil-a, and probably chinese food... even though i just had chinese two days ago... lol

  2. If you are in NYC, I gotta go with the pizza option, heard its pretty bangin
  3. Pizza in area of NY may actually pleasant satisfy your taste quite good it seems to be popular
  4. ugh.... SOMEONE FROM NY HELP..... I've eaten NY pizza for 20 years !!!!!! nothing extra-ordinary.
  5. My wife was out and I had to arrange dinner, had chillis take out was pretty on point man .. But yeah pizza ny/nj is always bangin .. Or you could get a hot/cold sub from a pizzeria.. Chicken parm?

  6. THIS FUCKING GUY.... thanks man!!!!!! chicken fucking parm fucking hero..... i love you

  7. No doubt man .. Enjoy that, I know I always do lol .. I'm bout to spark up my desert.. joint of some fresh OG :D
  8. Go to little Italy and get real cannolis.
  9. I'm eating a chicken parmigiano hero at the moment..... or atm to those who choose internet acronyms...... thanks dutchie
  10. Go get yourself a good burger man. And I don't mean none of that Mickey D's noise. I mean cooked over a flame at a diner or some respectable establishment. Its my fallback option when I can't figure out what to order.

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