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    I've studied a lot of ways to make hash of all kinds and my favorite is QWISO because of its simplicity and cost to make. Here's a new method I've been trying that kind of piggy backs off of how BHO is made with an extraction tube.

    So far those method has provided me with the most pure ISO I've made. Its nearly impossible to soak your bud too long because its being pulled down by gravity.

    Here's what you need

    *Trim or bud
    *91% Isopropyl alcohol
    *1" PVC pipe (won't degrade in alcohol unlike butane)
    *1 cup (or two if you like to filter twice like I do)
    *Pyrex Dish
    *Reusable coffee filter

    --Step 1--

    Put your trim into the PVC pipe and stuff as much as you can, unlike making BHO, you dont have to worry about building pressure in the cylinder.

    --Step 2--

    Put your coffee filter on top/inside the cup so anything poured through it goes into the cup.

    --Step 3--

    Pour the ISO into the pipe until it pools up at the top, remember that the longer the trim/bud soaks the more chlorophyl is leeched into the ISO, so you'll want to pour it in quickly and not a slow stream.

    --Step 4--

    Take you liquid that's now in the cup, and rerun it through the coffee filter again, this is to make sure you have all the plant material out.

    --Step 5--


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  2. Just to ensure I understand.. You take 2 cups for two runs.. Fill tube with trim or bud... stuff it so it takes a while for the iso to drain, which you want to pour fast so it pools.. Pour half a bottle of the 91% through into 1 cup.. then pour the other half of 91% through into the other cup then combine in pyrex? (all of this of course utilizing the coffee filter)
    or two separate runs?
  3. You could do that but I used 2 cups to strain the concoction twice in case any plant matter got through.

    But sidenote: this is the most potent batch I've made thus far
  4. OHHH so you did One run with  ISO and poured it through the filter into a cup.. then put the filter into the other cup and poured the first run into that second cup through the filter :D
    Thought you did two runs and combined them or ran two separate runs.. wasn't sure!
    Do I need to cure / dry my buds b4 I qwiso my stuff or can I just chop it off the plant and throw it through alcohol?
    (Sorry for asking so many Questions)
    Should I qwiso all of my trim and popcorns and use it for different things or should I make edibles out of the trim and popcorn with oil or butter and do some as qwiso?
  5. Well I had 3 plants, used 2 for hash and 1 for medibles. You have to decarb whatever u plan on ingesting before u run it through ISO so I did 2 separate runs
  6. You decarb the buds and trim after you cure them even if I water cure? And you decarb using the oven?

    I'm new to this and doing it in a we after cure is done, so I don't want to screw it up, lol
  7. Well doesn't matter if its wet or dry, after u decarb it for 30 min at 220 degrees F its gonna be dry regardless. This process will allow u to eat ur product.

    You have to do this before you do anything with it....except water cure I guess but idk anyone who does that.
  8. Have you tried using a pump to flush the ISO through the material quicker? Should cut down on any undesirables leeching from the plant. Check out the Cloud 9 E Z Extractor made by gc member Cloud954 -
  9. Well gravity seems to work quick enough for me, idk how putting bud + ISO under pressure will react, whether or not more chlorophyll will break down.

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