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  1. So I started growing a marijuana plant for many reasons, mainly because I have a limit to how much I can buy at dispensaries, and when my back is really killing me, I would like to not run out of it. Anyways I started the germination process on this little guy and i put him in soil about 4 days ago, he kinda grew a bit sideways in the beginning but straightening out now. I just have one concern, 1 of the 2 main first round leaves is yellow and smaller than the other one. I have been keeping it under a 200 w flourescent light watering as needed being careful not to over water, i have a 'Jobe's Nutrient Stick" in the soil to give it some nutirients due to me using just plain soil. I just dont know whats wrong :(

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  2. Don't think it needs the nutrient stick right now.

    What kind of soil was it that you used? Also do you know the ph of the water you're using?
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  3. Im not sure, i just read that using plain soil then adding your own nutrients will boost the production rate of the plant, but the ph is at about 7.2
  4. ph is way too high you want 6.5~ for soil
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  5. Was it like normal dirt?? I wouldnt recommend a timed nute stick... everyone will tell you time release nutes are horrible. Order some online or head toa hydro shop
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  6. Too early for nutrients though. If you get some time, read up on the stickies in the beginner Cultivation forums. They help a lot. Take out the nutrient stick and Try adjusting the ph like was mentioned and see how it reacts. The soil may be okay.
  7. I got the soil from walmart, im not at home right now so i dont know the exact name, so take the stick out? :/
  8. The issue is theyre time release, the nutes arent controllable. When you experience N toxicity or whatever nute problem, you have no control of when or how much nutes your plants are getting. Which is all bad.

    You looking for a cheap nutrient? Let us know about that soil tho. Most likely it has enough nitrogen to last past the seedling stage. Dont over nute
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  9. Is that a see through container?
  10. Yes it is
  11. Tape or paint roots exposed to light will be damaged. I wouldnt recommend tranplanting at all tho.
  12. Should I cover the container?
  13. Yep. Thats why i said tape or paint. White would be the best way to go, but it doesnt really matter
  14. Do you think my plant will be fine??
  15. I just dont want to waste my time on it if its going to die
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  16. You cant blame the plant for dying. You could always chalk it up and do some more research and then go back to it. Doesnt seem like you did much research at all or are takin it too seriously
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  19. mota-gallo
  20. Im sure youre a big fan of weed cock
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