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My Indoor Veggies and such

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Mattbo4, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Well, once again, for some of you that are familiar with me, I'm back for a new grow. This time...INDOORS!!! I can't wait to get started. In this thread I will post pictures of everything, lol. Because I like pics, and I'm sure the few that follow this thread, will enjoy them also.

    I just want to set some things straight here....
    I AM A BEGINNER! I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I am here to log my grow and learn, well...and to enjoy the city of course.

    I orginally wanted to grow pepper varieties, but that has changed to what I could find at the garden center in December. So I found some things I would like to expirement with. Here they are....
    -Cherry Tomotoes (Sweetie)
    -Cherry Tomotoes (Sun Gold)
    -Onion (White Lisbon)
    -Custom Blend Basil
    I know these are not too exciting. I will be ordering bell and banana peppers off burpie.com later on in the week to add to the grow.

    Here are my ingredients for germination.
    -Miracle Grow Potting Mix
    -Miracle Grow Organic Choice Bone Meal
    -Plastic cups
    -1 100w flouro
    I anticipate germination will take a couple weeks. By then I should have the rest of my materials for the grow. Really, all I'm waiting for is the grow tent and my HPS and HID lamps. I have timers, extension cords and all that other shit. I ordered the grow tent, ballast, and bulbs off of Amazon. All the products had great reviews so I can't wait for them to show up in the mail. I will also be keeping a written journal for my own files. I will edit later with pictures. Right now I'm still deciding weather to use the attachments or to post big pictues. I think I will use attachments and imageshack as a host.

    Keep coming back. As soon as the seeds are germinated I will be posting almost daily. So come check it out. Wish me luck!!!
  2. ewww miracle grow.... pfft
  3. Update...certainly not going to be exciting updates the next couple weeks but I have to log it.

    Day 2 of germination
    72 degrees F
    100w flouro 12/12

    These are the seeds that are in germination.
    2 Onion
    2 Basil
    2 Chamomile
    3 Sun Gold Cherry Tomato
    3 Sweetie Cherry Tomato
  4. If you're coming here to hate...don't come back, please and thank you.

  5. ^lol i dont think he was tryin to be a dick bro, a lot of people on here are high when they post so that might of been his im stoned way of sayin something like thins:

    that miracle grow stuff has some nasty chemicals in it man, high organic matter (OM) in the soil can outperform it any day of the week anyway and a healthy, diverse soil will yield much healthier, robust plants in the end as well as a healthier consumer of said plants

    anyway onto thread, im here:p and chamomile isnt that boring, its edible as a tea, and if you can stomach the nasty taste i guess smoking obscene amounts of it can give you a calming high...
    btw have i shared the hugelpots link with you yet?

    anyway best of luck to in the grow, and in keeping the motivation to post everyday, i made that promise in a thread once and failed miserably cus im such a lazy stoner lol
  6. Soo... just a little update. The chamomile has sprouted a little. Nothing else from the rest.

    Day 4 germination
    Temp - 72 F
    Light - 12/12

    Pictures coming soon... stay tuned.
  7. Would love to make some tea with that when its ready. Good luck bro
  8. Yea planned on making tea w the chamomile.
  9. I think in you're in the wrong fourms my friend.
  10. Would you really be able to tell the difference between organic chamomile and the .50 cent packets from walgreens? How?
  11. such disrespect.... shame. No common sense.

    Bro Im excited for your grow. What are you growing in? (Im high ans i probably just read it but i forgot lmao) I am growing Romain in soil currently. My DWC tomato & jalapeno got hit with bugs so i tossed them :( But i still have hope for DWC veggies and i see more in my future. :wave:
  12. Update...
    Everything is looking good so far.
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    subbed in...i found they sprouted better with higher temps, just a suggestion...ill be watching with fingers crossed!
  14. i like your sig pic nikki, btw whats the lil acre thing about? do you have a garden or property that you're currently working? if so, awesome man i'd love to get a link to check out some pics or something:)
  15. Thanks Ocean. My mom calls my garden God's little acre. And I've gone organic. That's the link in my signature. Keep in mind I'm new at this ;)
  16. Here are some images.








    These are from a couple days ago. New ones in a second.
  17. This is cool, man. I'm anxious to see how this works out for you!

    Indoor veggies ftw!

    I plan to start a little indoor veggie/herb garden soon, so show me the way! :wave:
  18. First ones are the tomatoes, then basil, then onion...enjoy. Let me know what you think.

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