My Indoor Skunk #1 Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by J-Sin420, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. Well I've started a to grow my skunk #1 plant, sprouted about 3 days ago, I would grow more but only have space for 1 plant right now. I will post new pic's ever week or so.


    Sorry for the poor pic, the rest will be better

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  2. HIGH All, mmmmm nice baby J-Sin420. May I make a suggestion...when transplanting your baby into a new home take the netting O.F.F.F. the Jiffy cube that way the roots will be free to run. Someone sometime somewhere says it might restrict the roots while growing.

    Again nice baby...keep those pics coming.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions keep em comming......this is my 1st indoor grow. I will be trasplanting it tonight cause the roots are starting to pop through the jiffy cube, I will have new new pic tommarrow.
  4. Here's my plant at week 1, I got it trasplanted last night it seems to be growing good

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  5. pretty little baby you got there, whats his or her name?
  6. I call her "Big K", cause i've got it growing in a Big K 2 liter bottle, big k is a cheap kansas soda for those who dont know
  7. Just a youngin there, Good luck

  8. Well She's got alot of new growth on her. I will post a new picture on wendsday she will be 2 weeks old then.

  9. Well heres a pic of my skunk plant at 2 weeks old.
    There's quite a bit of new growth. Im gettin ready to pick up a couple more CF lights. Please feel free to leave any tips or comments.

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  10. hey j-sin, where in kansas?

    im from kansas city. used to live in Hays. anywhere near there?

    oh ya and it looks great. keep up the good work.
  11. I live in a shity town called McPherson..BTW I will have more pics. soon I've got the plant under 3 CF lights now along with a nice little tin hood I made, I'm wanting her to bush out a little bit befor I get the pic up I just added the 2 CF's today so another 3 days I'll have another pic if anyone is interested.

  12. have you been adding any ferts, what type? Your lower leaves look like they have a N deffeciency.
  13. Yo,Dude where's the pics. How is your little plant doing? Is it still alive?
  14. Well I had to move my plant to my dads house about a 30min drive away I've got sevral warrents out for my arrest and cant risk another charge but the plant is doing nice I'll get more pics when I can
  15. How's the plant 420? Is it still alive?How tall is it?
  16. Yes the plant is still alive, my dad is an experinced grower.
    He is taking care of my skunk plant and he has his own snow white plant, I havent seen my plant since we took it up there but im sure its doing good, I'm hoping on going up there in the next couple days to check it out and get a pic or two.
  17. You should get dad to show you how he does it. You have a "hands on" look. A lot of people would kill for that.
  18. Hope you dont mind, what did you get busted for? growing?
  19. No it's nothing to due with drugs
  20. hey viper9 i still do live in hays and it still sucks...oh and a nice plant ya go therre

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