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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WeedLord420, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Well here is a few pictures.......



    Well there u go now all i need is light, what kind of light should i use?

    o yea i mix sugar with the water i hear that is suppose to be good for it what else should i mix with it?
  2. Take that gun in the pic and put those poor things out of their misery.You need to read the growguide under one of Sidious's postings, or any others you come across.
    Lots of luck.
  3. Well this is my first time jimbo :( hear that new makes me mad!

    pooo i dont want to kill them yet :( i will read up on the guide thanks for advice
  4. well i have a question is there any hope for the plant can i make them live? i just dont want to throw away weeks of creating a monster :( well any advice will be nice
  5. hey man u should read a grow guide i can tell u somethings u need to get i dont know how many plants ur growing but get an HPS light, and some good soil,good clean pots, a fan some fertilizer u can ask around here for the kind u need and maybe get a ph tester kit and only plant one seed in one pot k thats what i can tell u but ask around this site for info u can learn alot here latter hope that helps
    and dont use the fert for like 2 or 3 weeks dont want to burn ur plants that what i did awhile ago
  6. cant i atleast smoke what i have cause i dont even have any kill right now? cause they look good enuff to smoke what do u mean but change the soild it is my mom flower soil i have to change the soild like ever what week? is growing them outside alot easer?

    i dunno well i know now to plant on seed a pot that is helpfull to me...thank man.
  7. k man u dont have to change your soil but it would be alot better for the plant if u got some brand new rose soil or something and no dont smoke those things there just little seedlings they have like barly any thc and u will not get high u have to wait a good while befor u can smoke them and if ur growing in ur moms and she dont know she can get in shit if u get busted how old r u?
  8. lol chill my mom knows she doesnt care......shit she trys to help me with the lights.....its cool my whole family is a stoner family .....there in my closet .....away from ppl i dont think i will get caught.
  9. do u have some instant messanger i want to talk to u right quick....
  10. well i realy only use this site so u should keep comeing here there r ppl here who know way way more about growing indoor than me and outdoor i started awhile ago im still learning things right now i want to try hydro after my soil grow or maybe both at once im not sure yet but u should defently get hps i have never used it yet but im getting it in a day or 2 the ppl here on this site can tell u where to get it and stuff and u can see pics here of plants growing under hps nice plants with big budds but yeah anyway just ask around this site and u will get everything u need to know here latter
  11. the one plant can easy b saved, just fill the pot with dirt at least up2 the fill line, water it in then GET LIGHT ON IT.

    as 4 the other pot of ???? just pull the mankey 1s out and just leave the best one in the pot, fill it like u do the other, water, and LIGHT!!!!

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  12. oh and stop puttin suga in the water, thats a real bad idea.
  13. id scrap them all chances are that one you have by itself is gonna be a male because they have been so stressed go hps lighting and read up
  14. such a sad day to see my fav plant in such's what to do....try to save what you have as barnaby said......

    1/ rip up the pot with more than one in it.....fill it with good soil to approx what barnaby said....from a store, not the dirt from outside.....and re-pot the one single plant that's left........put it down to approx 1-2" from the bottom of the pot......give it a good watering.

    2/ you have to have a dedicated growroom, well lit by either a high gloss paint or mylar or reversed tin-foil.....have a fan on the plant, to help strengthen the stem, and create good air circulation.

    3/ most importantly get a good a HPS or use enough fluros to at least get you some bud......better with the HPS, but money can be an issue.

    4/ if you get a HPS light then invest in the following.....water meter....thermometer.....humidity gauge.....snips....and a magnifying's all in the guide under my link......good luck.......Peace out......Sid
  15. please do this wonderful plant a favor and KILL IT!!!!! all of them . dont even try, they will herm on you or be male ,,,they are screwed!!!!!!!! make sure you have light BEFORE you start to grow from now on.....look at everyone elses sprout pics, big diffrence!!!!!

  16. LOL!


    When I first say those I said to myself, "What is this he's growing alfalfa sprouts?"

    Then I noticed they were seedlings all in one pot OMG!
    WeedLord do yourself a favor and read the Announcement at the top of this forum.
  17. that pisses me off! those are NOT bud plants....they are...i dont know what they are!!!1 they're hideous!!!!! KIll them...whatever they are. NO plant should be treated like that. And what the fuck are you smoking if you think those are good enough to smoke???????? you smokin fuckin clover leaves or somethin? you should change you username to STUPIDASSPOSERBITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!...sorry...i had to say that...but seriously...that is not weed at all....its some disfiguered peat moss with a leaf on top...burn them....BURN THEM....and tell your 'MOMMY' to give you some new parsley seeds and try again....this is a REAL weed plant kid!!!! LOOK and observe and when you have a pick with you in it with one of these...then you can post it!!!!!!!!! LMFAO....pppooossseeerrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  18. no offence man but htose are pitiful ive grew bettr out my window from roaaches lol na im jk but you shuld listen ti sid hell got ya lined out good luck man and welcome
  19. demon....was that not a bit harsh?.....everyone has to start somewhere, am i right?....well maybe now that he has found the city he will be more successful with his next grow......Peace out......Sid
  20. tbh, I say start over, learn from your mistakes and try again.

    1 plant per pot is enough...good god you have like 20 in there!!
    not nearly enough sun/nutrients for each...
    Maybe keep the one...and try to get it a light, seems to be stretching an awful lot.

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