My indoor/outdoor grow now!!

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  1. I'm not sure if this is how u do this journal but i had to add the rest of my pictures of my grow NOW! Plus get in the questions i have about the stage they r in...I'm guessing they r in or heading into the budding stage...Yes?
    And if anyone can guesstimate as to what kind it might be, i'd be grateful. Generally i'd just like an all around opinion of what u think. R they doing ok? Do they look like they r? Should i be doing anything else other then what i've been doing which is basically just watering and some ALASKAN MOREBLOOM every now and then....I'm also going to put up some close up shots....BOYS OR GIRLS!!!:confused_2:
    I hope to hear from someone, ANYONE:eek: SOON!
    They wont let me load other pics...but i'll keep trying.....


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  2. Ok here are some more pictures of my plants. I hope someone can give me a bit of insight about them.....
    I'll be waiting!!

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  3. alright. it looks like you have a couple males/hermies. Any of the ones with balls you should probably get rid of!

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