My indoor/outdoor grow! (check it out)

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  1. behold my ghetto grow of the year. ive started these off inside, but im on my way to put transplant them outdoor today. ill also be keeping 2 of them indoor. comments and opinions would be appreciated.

    heres overtop view of my "growroom" (sunroom, balcony w.e u call it)
    i took this in the evening but believe me the sun beams through this room

    can someone tell me if this strain is different...

    ...from this strain?

    my favourite one, u cant tell in the pic but there are white spots of discoloration all over the a bit worried its the soil, so i drowned the pot and misted it today, i will transplant in a bigger pot tomorow. good solution?

    simese twins! should i clone one half of the plant or let it grow like this?

    if you look at the bottom u can see where i topped my plant, should i keep topping/fimming now or later?

    my cheap fluoro set up, this is only when i want to give them extra light or when its raining (since i use my sunroom for light)
  2. Just got back from my outdoor trip. the transplant went well i dug big holes and added some top soil to them. My only worry is that i ran out of soil on my last hole so that spot was left half top soil and half outdoor soil (very sandy). is this a problem? should i go back and add more topsoil?
  3. everything looks nice i'm kinda growing just like you do they're in the sun on a balcony when it blows/rains hard i put them inside under some cfl's . your plants are way bigger then mine imo.

    good luck
  4. healthy looking plants.

    and those pics from your last grow are very nice.
  5. i translanted the 2 last ones into bigger pots yesterday. they had outgrown the little pots so much they always needed water and were always wilting. i wake up this morning to find my babies very happy in their new home.
    never seen them so perky :hello:

    im usin 100% organic soil. i also bought 20-20-20 to feed them.
    ill get pics when a friend with a digicam passes by. lol
  6. looking good keep me posted
  7. how many oz did you get from one plant of last years grow?
  8. ^i harvested just over an ounze last year from that plant, but i had it growing till the 1st of december! that damn afghan was taking too long to bud.

    and to be honest i bought the plant from a legal grower who had too much on his hands when it was already about 3 months old.
    i consider this my first real grow
  9. any photo updates my fellow Ontario grower?

  10. i dont have a camera so i have to get one of my buddies to come take pics. things are getting a bit complicated, one of my plants is sick, im guessing some sort of deficiency AND it has spider mites. im trying to focus on getting it back healthy again.
    the other is doing fine its in LST.
  11. Yo mon pot comment sa va?

    I wish I could see some updated pics im sure there doing pretty well... I would also like to see some plants that are growing in the same city, did you check'em recently females should be flowering by now start date usaly in ottawa 20th August.

    Anyways just wanted to stop by... Peace
  12. hey neighbour! :wave:
    i havent been updating because i dont have a camera and i figured without a visual theres no point...but since you bumped my thread ill let you know whats happening.
    I checked them yesterday and they are all in flowering.
    mighy might is an early girl so its more advanced than the White widow's, buds are the size of my pinky finger with pink hairs:). since they are outdoor in the wild and i only see them once every 2 weeks i dont know when exactly they started flowering so i dont know when i should harvest. (maybe 3 weeks):confused_2:

    the white widow's are still in early flowering so meh.
    both of them have seemed to stop growing since i saw them a few weeks ago:mad: .
    the one with the best height reaches up to my chest.
    now for the sad part...something (or someone) chopped off a few of them:(.
    they are cut off halfway with a few buds left on im hoping its a deer because i thnk someone would pull them all out.
    another one of my worries is that some of the plants look like they're extra yellow for such an early flowering stage...
    ive been feeding them 20-20-20 and gave them 0-39-27 yesterday which was probably not a good idea if its lacking N.
    ill come back with an update at harvest (hopefully with pics)

    p.s. in a stoner fashion i just smoked the premature buds off those plants but they barely gave me a buzz and tasted a bit like...ferts:confused: . lol...damn
  13. on another note my indoor sunroom plants are doing fine.
    im experiencing lst for the my first time on one of them.
    weirdly enouph though they havent started flowering even though they run off the same sun cycle as my outdoor.
    but im sure theyll start anytime soon.
    they are in 2 gallon pots and i was wondering if its worth it to transplant into bigger pots at this stage.
  14. Sounds like there doing fine to me, I still wish you had pics though you sure you asked all your friends? Because the ones I borrow are all plug and play with windows Xp...

    Anyways nice to see that there are flowering just like mine are but I took a chance this year with some sativa's and I hope they can finish in 8 weeks of flowering. There suppose to be very high yeilders and suggested as commercial strain. Its a sick cross with Big Bud and Super Skunk.

  15. well a dissapointing update...
    2 of my spots were jacked total loss=27 plants
    still have 2 spots that add up to 12 plants
    and my 2 indoors have started flowering doing fine
  16. yes i know my journal has been half assed with lack of updates and pics...well not anymore i just bought a digi:hello:.
    so expect to see more of me from here on out.;)

    ok now to let everyone know what has happened since my last update.

    all of my outdoor plants have been stolen:mad: (all 40 of them,divided in 4 spots).
    i recovered 3 plants from 1 of my spots that the thieves left behind.
    1 of them has already been smoked,another is drying right now (the one in the budshot) and the other is still growing (4th pic).
    i also found out who robbed another 1 of my spots went to his house and took them back. he tore them out premature like any other idiot plant thief. but i still enjoyed the smoke:smoking:

    so now i am left with the 2 indoor plants (first 3 pics) on my balcony which have seemed to slow down probably because of temperatures. i also have been at war with spider mites. anyways im sure you are all tired of my rambling here are pics!

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  17. well here they are. there is not so much progress lately. (damn automn!)
    so i bought a 430 watt hps that i will mount in my closet monday...hopefully the plants will react to them nicely and flower better.


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  18. HIGH All, looking good yinyang...what have you been using to Battle The Borg?

    Bummer your outdoor crop got jacked...nothing so dishearting than that.
  19. hey unoit, thx for stoping by
    yea my outdoor incident was devastating. i try not to think about it but when i do it makes me want to grow something great to make up for it.

    ive been using safers end all to find the mites i think they are dead i havent seen one crawl around for a couple days.
    now im battling the cold and trying to figure out what to do with my droopy plant. (3rd pic)

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