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  1. I want to set up an indoor grow with these materials. Any advice on what else I should get?

    CFL 125W Flowering Bulb and Mogul Socket Feliz 125 Watt CFL Grow Light 2700K with Socket: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    CFL 125W Vegetative Bulb Feliz 125 Watt CFL Grow Light 6500K: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    Lawn Light(Removing PV Cell For Electric Impulse)
    ^This mechanic evidenced in the second link below

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    DIY Carbon Filter

    I'm using outdoor soil mix of harder dirt on the bottom, but mostly loamy topsoil packed in tightly. Setting up sort of a homemade hydroponics. It's a 1/4" 100% cotton shoelace with the hard ends cut off. I fully placed it underwater and then put one end in the soil and another in a bucket of water. The bucket of water is elevated higher than the plant so the gravity helps the watering, too. Any advice on additional, cheap or otherwise easy to get/make, things to benefit my grow?
  2. You are making things more complicated than necessary. Regular dirt isn't favorable for growing, try to use a commercial potting soil/soil-less mix. The shoestring thing isn't enough to keep it properly watered. An easy option is to use a hempy bucket...Google it. They are cheap, easy, and produce good results.

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