My Incredibowl Review (If anyone cares anymore...:D)

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  1. First things first, I don't work for Incredibowl. I live in SE Michigan saw a huge thread on here about the Incredibowl and figured I'd sign up and throw my 2 cents in.

    The bowl first caught my eye early August. I saw them at a local smokeshop after seeing it online and decided I had to have one. 2 weeks later payday rolls around and I decide to go back to the same smokeshop. OUT OF STOCK. The guy agree'd to order one 'directly from the company' (So he claimed). I paid for it up front, during the 2 weeks that followed he had nothing but trouble getting ahold of anyone from the company (Another local shop that carries them also had trouble getting shipments around the same time) so I got my money back and went elsewhere. I don't know what it says for Incredibowl's customer service but I was a bit peeved.

    I eventually ordered it from and they are definitely a great company, quick customer service, and they refunded my shipping cost after being only ONE day late shipping due to a banking holiday.

    On to what you're really here for:

    This piece is fantastic,

    I've smoked Meds, Regs, Mids, through it and despite noticing that the stuff you pay less for really does taste like poo, all of them have been a smooth enjoyable experience.

    The bowls are shaped like wine glasses so you can pack your herb and turn it upside down and nothing will fall out. (Obviously if you're packing powdered toast week old mids your results may differ).

    The chamber fills evenly, it allows you to see inside to control the size of your hit and does an excellent job of cooling the smoke.

    It does need to be cleaned often but it's extremely simple you can wash the tube with dishsoap, it's non-pourous so it doesn't absorb odors. The screen can be removed from the nozzle tip soaked in alcohol and be reused because it never comes in contact with heat thus recieves less wear and tear.

    The case is nice, it's filled with perferated foam that pulls out in squares so you can customize it to fit things you need with the bowl.

    Lastly, this thing is an awsome party piece. I've only taken it to one party but I doubt I'll leave it at home for any from now on. People like the innovation and are drawn to it, it starts conversation and it will almost definitely get your bowl packed for free.

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. did you get the fullsized or the mini?
  3. I have the I420 (full size)...srry
  4. nice, i definitely want to add the incredibowl to my collection, just cant decide if i wanna go all out for the big boy or save some cash and get the mini

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