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  1. Let me start by sayin Thank ya for reading. I smoke bud frequently, and I love psychedelics, though I still am quite inexpierenced with them. But anyways,

    I believe in reincarnation, and i don't believe in one god. rather i believe there is a little bit of god or whatever you wanna call it in everyone, like a sense of aliveness in everything trees, people, animals, that connects everything in this sense of life. I believe in essence that the universe is infinite. It is ever expanding, and never ending. I believe that people are sort of a parasite, mooching and draining Earth of it's resources
    I believe in a soul, a devine spirit that is rebirthed.

    (I don't believe in any form of government or social standing. I believe people should be totally free to do whatever they like, no laws, no constrictions. Government is just a way to enslave people.)

    What kinda title would you put on my beliefs? i'm looking to dig deeper into the realm of spiritual thought, i just have no clue what one would classify my beliefs as. (I know that generalizing my beliefs and putting a title on them is not necessarily a good thing, i'm just looking to check some books out, and read up.)

    I've read The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley - loved it. If anyone can recommend me any books to read, i'd definitely be thankful.

    Peace and Love:smoking:
  2. A lot of people who do psychedelics (myself included) have expressed similar sentiments at one point or another.

    The idea that "god" is fragmented and ever-present in everything is one that can be traced back (the furthest) to African religious traditions, particularly of the Yoruba and Fon. The purest form of these religions that is still alive today is generally found in S. America and the Carribean under the names of Vodou, Candomble, Santeria, etc. Ironically, a lot of Africans have to travel to these places to learn about African religious traditions.

    While I certainly don't subscribe to any of those religions, studying them allowed me to build upon my own spirituality more than anything else, by far. And, to many practitioners, that's what these religions are really for. They're not so much concerned with particularly what you believe, but rather with the active exploration of your own spirituality.

    Other than that, philosophically speaking, I've found looking into quantum mechanics and into the ways in which modern discoveries in quantum physics fit within world religions (or don't fit, as is the case with most, but certainly not all) to be quite rewarding.

    As far as specific reading goes, everything by Huxley is generally worthwhile. Camus, Nietzsche and Sartre are all golden as well. I wish I could offer more, but I'm hard-pressed to find philosophers who I can actually endorse also.
  3. You might want to call yourself a Pantheist.

    In my judgmental eyes, pantheism is pretty respectable.
  4. Seems to me you want to go East. ;)

    Hinduism and Taoism come to mind while reading your post.

    Humanity is no parasite. We are just as perfectly apart of this beautiful Universe as everything else. In fact, we are quite probably at the pinnacle of reality.

  5. We are not even a speck in the universe. Your Hitler comment proved your lack of empathy, and this proves your stupidity.

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