My ideal chick...

Discussion in 'General' started by destroypower, Jan 27, 2009.

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    My ideal chick would be 21-28...

    She has or will eventually have tattoos
    She's stoned as often as possible
    Every guy falls in love with her the second they meet her
    She would be laid back as hell, but willing to beat the shit out of somehow if they deserved it
    She's strong and beautiful, but at the same time cute and fun
    She's thin and shorter than me (I'm 6')... 5'9" or less would be nice
    She's a leader
    She's passionate and driven
    She's awesome in bed
    She's musically inclined

    What's your ideal chick like?

    EDIT: Added musically inclined

  2. you would want every guy to fall in love you your ideal chick the second they meet her?

    im not too sure if thats a good idea :rolleyes:
  3. I wouldn't want that, but she's so amazing it just happens.
  4. I actually just started talking to some chick at work and its soooo ill.
    Like I just got out of a pretty shitty relationship that lasted like 5 years.
    She has a kid and is 3 years older than me but she seems to like me so far.
    I'm pretty syked about it.
  5. sweet dude good luck with her
  6. Deffinatly chilled last night, straight nappin my arms while we watched a movie. Kiss goodnight, ect ect.
  7. i know a bitch whos exactly like what you described... but im simply "friend zoned" by her. shitty but its a part of life...
  8. any girl that pronounces 'Paris' as 'Pari'

    thats pretty much it
  9. hook it up muthafucka
  10. I married my dream girl.

  11. maybe cuz you call her a bitch?

  12. lol noice. No I know a lot of bitches, but theyre all cool as shit. You can tell a chick is down when you can call her a bitch and she doesnt mind.
  13. OR
    It means she doesn't respect herself.
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    That's true of some chicks, but not my friends. They'll call me a dick right back. It's all in good fun. But then again I like chicks who are on the verge of being ghetto.
  15. I'm into those loose women. That's my 'Ideal Chick'.
  16. As long as she's not a bitch that'd be fine by me.
  17. well i think words are words, people take offense to them for really no reason.
  18. im not tryin to sound concieted,
    (took a clonzipam, im feelin good haha)

    all but one over here so ive been told! hahah
    and im not a fatty but not skin and bones.:p

    good qualities in a woman, though.

    i would add honesty, intelligence, spontinaity and musical and you're good. :)

    i like your style. most guys are like "She needs to be: HOT, A GOOD FUCK, and uhhhhh yeah thats it." :laughing:
  19. I was attracted to my wife's looks and overall sexiness, but it was her intelligence and love of life that I fell in love with.

    EDIT: PS. All women can be bitches...just like all men can be assholes. It happens; we're human ;)
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    I didn't add honesty and intelligence, because to be a strong leader she'd have both already. And yeah I forgot the musically inclined thing... editing!

    EDIT: and by thin I didnt mean skin and bones. I just meant not huge.

    +rep my brotha!

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