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My idea for hiding weed while in the car

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hello Kitty, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Have a coffee cup mostly full. Place your sack inside a bag that has rocks in it. Seal the second bag airtight as well as the first. The rocks should make it sink so it's under the coffee. It masks the smell, and who would pour out your coffee to look for it?
  2. Sound fairly useless to me. Normally if a cop suspects Marijuana and is serious about arresting you he'd take the time to call for a drug dog, which would smell that dank right away.
    You might as well stick it in your pocket where it will at least smell decent.
  3. A dog would be able to smell the weed from inside the coffee? I mean I know it could smell the traces that you've dropped in your car and all, but scent can escape liquids?

  4. a dog dosent smell a single smell it smells many, sepratly. watch how not to get busted.
  5. yes, they would

    watch that never get busted again shit! someone posted it on here recently
  6. or you could just keep it in your pocket and the cop will have no reason to search you
  7. or just dont get in a situation like that - keep what you can eat - if you do get in that situation then eat it and you will be happy you did when to avoid all the bullshit
  8. If you really watch the movie you'll see how he says smells permeate bags after a while... yet when put in a new container (considering the coffee a container) it wouldn't have time to permeate if you did that pretty much right before the cop pulled you over. As long as he doesn't take too long with the dogs you have a much higher chance of getting away this way. The only problem is that other things in the car will smell like weed, but if they follow those trails they won't find anything... so eh.

    This aside... yes, eat it, don't carry paraphenalia on you and you're set
  9. The thing about getting busted like this is that you have to get pulled over, if you're moving weight then don't get pulled over haha.

  10. Yeah, I think as long as its only in the coffee a few hours at most, you should be fine, and smell is not probable cause, drop ur piece in there with it, and your set, you can even drink while taking to the cop, and he wont suspect anything about the coffee if he has you get out of the car.
  11. why not just put the tree in some compartment in your car and not give the pigs permission to search your car without a warrant?
  12. You let them search you if they ask. They won't suspect it. They didn't pull you over for it, they pulled you over for something else.

  13. Whenever I think about what I would do if a cop asked for permission to search my car I never really come to an answer.

    I guess it's depending on how many illegal items are in your car, but I would hate to have to make a split second decision on whether or not to give consent to search. What do you guys think?
  14. I would let them search if I have nothing on me, just empty your pockets, and they do a quick runthrough of the car. They wouldn't call for dogs.
  15. Yeah, dude who made a post a little less then a week ago did that too. Cop found a stick (guy who made the post said it didnt even look like a weed stem) and told him he was under arrest for possesion.....So yeah, basically im like chronicking, i wouldn't know what i would wanna do. I mean if i have stuff in the car, which i usually do, and he asked me if he could search the car i would just ask if he was going to write me a citation or a ticket or anything. If he said no, id reply then im free to go correct? and he should say yes. If he actually did write me a ticket or citation right after i sign it and he gives it to me then i would leave and say lawfully i am free to go now (thats what how not to get busted showed, the cop showed old videos of him making marijuana busts and he said see im writing him the citation right now and now hes free to go and right after they give him the citation he asks to search). I watched how not to get busted, and it said to consent to a search because if you refuse then they will usually make a call on the radio that we have a non complier or something along the lines of that and they bring in back-up. But truthfully if i let them search they would find it anyway so i would refuse and do the things that i said ^ there.

    EDIT: Keep in mind though alot of this has to do with narcotics profiling. The cops are gonna look you up and down smell around look for proof or any evidence for HIM. He is going to look for evidence HE could use so that HE could suspect you were smoking. Hes not gonna use something in court that says yeah, this guy was a rasta-looking dude with dreads, he looked like he smoked pot so i searched him. BUT, however, this is enough for HIM to keep looking and probing and asking questions to try and find something. Which, is most likely what happened to the guy i mentioned above. He didnt have anything, and the cop couldn't find anything, but he knew they were smoking weed (which they were) so he found a little twig and said it was marijuana (however you can probably get this case revoked but still, im trying to make a point here). But seriously if you really do wonder about this stuff watch how to not get busted, just look it up on google and you'll find it. It is like an hour and 20 minutes so it takes some time but it's time well spent imo.
  16. ride n smoke only at night bruh..unless u got some serious tint. Its waaaay easier to get caught at day then night....Advantages and night is..its dark..the darkness plus the tint of your windows. You can smoke many blunts with that and if a cop so happens to pull you over..if worse comes to worse u can always crumble the blunts in ur hand and throw it out the window. But usually what we'd do is ride n smoke then we find a place to continue smoking at like park and burn out like we used to do at football games lol
  17. You only have weed in the coffee cup, nowhere else. You consent to search. He finds nothing and lets you go.
  18. I just hide my weed in my g/f's bra.:smoke:
  19. Read my post. Plus its not really feasible. Carrying around weed double sealed in a bag with rocks and a cup full of coffee everytime you drive with weed? Dunno about that....
  20. The best tip in that Never Get Busted Again DVD is that he says to cut a small hole in the bottom of your floor board of your car that you can shove the weed down into if you get pulled over, it won't take you long, so he won't suspect you are stashing something, and it isn't obvious because you aren't throwing it out the window, then, later you can go back and find the baggie under your car.

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