My idea for a Pro-pot commercial.

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  1. To start off, My friends and I are Still looking for a location to film this. We encorage anyone who wants to to steal our idea. If you have some sort of Film industry connection, Film this and get it on tv man, This is for the greater good.

    The Idea:
    The commercial starts with a camera shot of 3 houses all next to each other. It is about 2 A.M. and the moon is shining.
    The camera quickly zooms into the far left house.
    The house is filled with college aged guys and gals with kegs, beer pong, liquor bottles....the works
    They are partying hard and making all the stereotypical frat party noise.

    Part 2:
    The camera zooms out and back in to the middle house
    This shows a married middle-aged couple on a bed
    They are trying to sleep but due to the noise from next door they are uncomertable and cannot sleep.

    Part 3:
    The camera zooms out to the three houses again
    The moon is quickly replaced by the sun, then replaced by the moon again. to symbolize the passing of a day.

    Part 4:
    The camera zooms into the house on the far right.
    There are 3 college aged guys on the couch, each with an x-box controller
    On the table there is a bowl of popcorn and a pipe
    One man pauses the game, grabs the pipe, lights it, and passes it.
    The next guy says "I'm good for now" and the pipe gets placed back on the table
    The x-box is un-paused and they go back to playing.

    Part 5:
    The camera zooms out and yet again zooms into the middle house
    The same couple is on the bed
    They are sound asleep

    Part 6:
    The screen fades into black
    White text appears on screen saying "Which would you prefer to live with?"
    End commercial.

    The only thing I am asking is that If you do have a connection who is a productions professional is that I (the writer) get credited as so. I am currently in school as a marketing major and anything to add to my portfolio is alot of help. If you can produce this and wish to talk to me about changes or crediting, my email is

    Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. Lmao, I don't know if that would get the point across.. Would make a lot of stoners chuckle though
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    I think the point is pretty clear, but the text at the end could be edited to make the commercial more strait foward.

    Plus the demographic I'm aiming at isnt college aged people. This is geared towards middle aged white-collar workers. The biggest demographic of people who vote.
  4. Stoners can still be loud, although maybe not party loud.
  5. i think instead of the day passing the whole thing should be one night. and instead of the married couple being seen in part 2 they should show the quiet stoners. then in part 3 we zoom into the middle aged couple house and they sit there tired and say "damn why cant those college assholes be like our other neighbors? they're some some real stand up, nice guys."
  6. Don`t portray stoners as college-aged kids.
    I mean, its accurate..
    But people will still get the wrong message, thinking its degenerates and low-lifes suckling their parents money for their education and spending it on weed.

    What you need is middle-aged businessmen (AND WOMEN, fuck not enough women are ever shown in the media getting stoned!!) as well as retired vets, grandmas, etc. toking up.

  7. I like the idea, My original concept was to show contrast between the two with a direct comparison of age, but I think finding some middle aged folks (both male and female :D ) is a good idea.

    Thanks for the critiques guys, I appreciate it....this will probobly never air on television, but hey, more people use the internet anyway.
  8. And what about the noise when the pizza delivery guy shows up at 11 o'clock...those old people will be bugging over your half pepperoni half bacon pizza

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