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  1. Right this is going to sound slightly odd, but bear with me... :smoke:
    So my plan is to have something like a filing cabinet, about 6ftx2x2.
    In this cabinet will be a DWC hydroponics system to keep the one single plant watered (the grow will be away from my house and i will only be able water it once in the evening)
    Im going to get a clone off a friend so i dont have to mess about with seeds, just plant it and grow.
    The cabinet will be lined with mylar.
    i then plan on using an LED light such as the vipar v180 -

    I will hang this from the top of the cabinet and keep it adjustable so i can raise it up as the plant grows.
    now it gets weird..... my cabinet will be in a garage with no plugsockets. so i plan on using a 110ah battery from a truck, i will have 2, one on the grow, one at home charging and ill swap them over every day. This is why i want to use LED lights - keep the power down. From my calculations the battery will be able to run 200watts for 16 hours and still have about 80% charge left to keep it healthy. (the light i want to use is only 180w but im making allowances for the hydroponics)
    The problems i have:
    with the cabinet pretty much being outdoors, and LEDs not giving off much heat, i imagine it will get quite cold? especially with a fan going to keep the circulation.
    Has anyone used this light before? i hear LEDs arnt too great for flowering?
    Also if their are any electronics people here, do my calculations with the battery sound about right?
    cheers people, im gagging to get my grow on the go! :hello:

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    In a garage in the UK?
    What's the current temperature in the garage?
    If it's cold you'd probably be better off with the cfl. It's probably cheaper and uses less power to ventilate and remove hot air than it does to heat if required.

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  3. Yea its in the uk, so itl be the same temperature as outside because its a freestanding garage - not build onto any other buildings.

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